A new dashboard puts better insights at hand to help identify supply chain inefficiencies quickly

Supply chain

Facing increasing costs from logistical inefficiencies, a leading global manufacturer of food and beverage products decided to invest in a better, more precise solution to manage supply chain loss reporting. The existing supply chain loss reporting process was too slow and provided very limited information. The client expected to view a key supply chain metrics in an easy-to-use analysis suite.

Business challenges

Gathering supply chain data and insights in one place was cumbersome and costly.

Existing reporting capabilities were insufficient. The Supply Chain Losses dashboard had no filters, no low- or mid-level KPIs, no dynamic views, and no possibility to drill down into details. As a result, the dashboard delivered few actionable insights and was primarily used only by high-level decision makers. Also, the dashboard had poor access controls – available only via a Tableau project – that increased the risk of unauthorized disclosures of sensitive data.

The Lingaro team identified that reports were not available to all decision makers and access to data was restricted according to decision makers’ roles. The data was not visualized as charts and the tables were not refreshed automatically. Also, there was no single landing page dashboard with access to all relevant supply chain KPIs.

The business objective was to create a solution that would distill insights from vast amounts of data and quickly detect supply chain losses. As a result, faster decision making on the front lines would translate into significant cost savings.

Lingaro solution

A unified supply chain loss reporting tool offers improved data flow and user experience

In order to perform advanced, multidimensional analytics enabling a live continuous connection between the Tableau report and the database, Oracle Database was replaced by SAP HANA, which acted as a central data hub for other client applications on site. Next, row-level security was enabled with a single sign-on function based on existing credentials to simplify dashboard access for business users.

The Lingaro team built a landing page dashboard in Tableau that shows the overall state of the supply chain and manufacturing performance with the ability to quickly jump to a desired report.

Based on understanding of business needs 6 supply chain reports were created, indicating total performance in terms of

  • absolute Supply Chain Losses (SCL),
  • Previous Estimate for SCL (PE),
  • Budget Control for Annual Operating Plan (AOP),
  • Actual Supply Chain Losses for the last month vs Previous Year (PY) SCL for the last month,
  • Performance overview by region in the last month,
  • and the difference between AOP actual vs AOP PY

Dashboard as well is showing how full-year and monthly forecasts have evolved with each new submission of data.

Supply chain

Client benefits

Supply chain losses are under control and actionable insights are at hand with the self-service analytics dashboard.

The solution has helped leaders and decision makers in the organization get an at-a-glance overview of the performance of their area of responsibility. This drives better business decisions using clearly identifiable trends and root causes. Now, decision makers spend less time setting their KPIs and more time analyzing and acting upon them. Row-level security allows every user to see exactly as much data as he/she should. The greater control, speed, accuracy, and security has significantly improved on the former solution and has exceeded client expectations.

In our clients’ words:

  • “You guys are doing great :). Everyoneis happy and feeling great about the ” 
  • AmazingThisis a win, team!” 
  • “I appreciatethe strong support and collaboration between all involvedThis has been a successful project 

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