Discussing How to Identify Disruptive Technology Companies with Lingaro Strategic Advisor Andy Walter

Disruptive Technology Companies

Lingaro TechTalks is a series of discussions in which top enterprise data and analytics innovators share their stories about the newest technologies, toughest challenges, and biggest successes they’re experiencing as they digitally transform their businesses.


In this TechTalk, Lingaro Strategic Advisor Andy Walter and Lingaro North America GM Jan Wenda discuss how to identify truly disruptive technology companies, where to find them, and a proven model for successfully partnering with them.


When forming strategic technology partnerships, I expected very clear things from the partner, and I provided very clear things from my side. From the partner I expected them to put their A players on my team. [Secondly] I wanted them to bring innovation to me first. And the last thing is that I wanted them to have skin in the game with me; I wanted them to co-invest. In return, I’ll put my best people on the project and have you work on something that really matters. Secondly, I will invest with you. I have skin in the game; no freebies. And lastly, if successful I will scale it across my business and be willing to share it with the outside world; I will help you commercialize it.


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