Domo Business

With our proven three-step approach, Domo can help you tell data stories better and easier than any other competitive solution on the market.

Tell data stories that win on every level

To gain accurate answers to your critical business questions, you need data. But that’s not all, you also need ways to access, manage, and share ideas around your data. Domo helps to overcome these organization-wide challenges at the individual level, with powerful data analysis and visualization tools that everyone on your team can use out-of-the-box, without time-consuming training.

1. Plan

We guide you through the discovery process to define your most critical business questions and tailor value-add strategies around them

2. Prepare

Domo can pull data from a wide variety of existing sources through ready-to-use connectors. We work with you to set up data-driven solutions to your unique business challenges.

3. Inform

We help you fine tune Domo’s powerful data visualization and socialization capabilities to best engage project stakeholders, deliver the business insights they need, and continuously refine your initiatives around real-time results.

Choose a Domo partner
who can scale with you

As a certified Domo partner and full-service business intelligence technology development firm, Lingaro can design, support, and implement Domo solutions suited to your business objectives
– no matter how complex your requirements may grow.


We leverage best design and development practices to support Domo requirements with:

  • Data ingestion and preparation with Magic ETL
  • Development of Cards (visualizations)
  • Collections (groups of visualizations)
  • Pages (customized dashboards)
  • Multiple configuration options to connect your data


Added-value Domo design and development services cover:

  • Advanced data modeling with Magic Transformation (MySQL, R, and Redshift)
  • State-of-the-art User Experience
  • Advisory and migration to Domo from other BI tools
  • Connectors & API Integration


We tailor front-end solutions built on top of Domo using:

  • Domo Embedded
  • Custom-made Visuals and Apps
  • Infographics

Get to know Domo better

Still not clear on what Domo can do for you? Here is some of the best content about Domo to help you further understand the unique value that Domo can bring to your business:

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