Business Intelligence

Top 10 Data Visualization Trends in Modern BI tools

Introduction Data surrounds us, especially in the business environment. Almost every aspect of a company can be quantified and analyzed, starting from workers’ productivity to electric power consumption. Doing so requires not only storing data but also visualizing it, which is a significant c (...)

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How to Encourage Your Team To Use Business Intelligence Tools Every Day

Introduction Usually, Business Intelligence tools is implemented at the company level. However, in order to provide real added value for a company, Business Intelligence tools should be adopted at the team level. Here we will discuss the following strategies useful in encouraging your employees (...)

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8 Advantages of BI solutions over Excel Reporting

Introduction Legacy database visualization and analysis tools like Microsoft Excel are still commonly used for reporting purposes. However, this practice is far from optimal. Here will discuss the following reasons why BI solutions are superior to traditional spreadsheets: Huge Capacity Data Co (...)

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Executive Sales BI Dashboard Offers Deep Insights into Cosmetic Distributor’s Performance

A large cosmetics distributor needed to create an Executive BI Dashboard Cockpit presenting sales data and analysis in a way that would help the CEO and the Lead Team to run business meetings and briefings efficiently with accurate decisions made based on data. In order to achieve that they wan (...)

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Artificial Neural Networks, Part 3: Who’s Afraid of ANNs?

This article is the third in a series on artificial neural networks. Follow these links to read the first and second. As I mentioned in the first article in this series, the current surge in popularity of artificial neural networks isn’t the first one. At least in scientific circles, ANNs wer (...)

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