Cloud Solutions

to drive your business

We support every strategy to leverage Cloud services from inception and assessment to implementation and maintenance.

From design to development and delivery, Lingaro helps you benefit from cloud-first architecture that:


efficiency with infinitely scalable capabilities.

Reduces costs

and achieves operational excellence by automating processes and identifying unnecessary or suboptimal resources.


your information, systems, and assets against service and infrastructure failures according to your established risk management strategy.



decision making processes with insights backed by Advanced Analytics & Multi-source data

Build cloud-first environments

Prepare for cloud adoption projects on both organization and project levels. Together, we will discover the main KPIs of key stakeholders, identify current inventory, and plan the changes across all axes.

You decide whether to go slowly, step-by-step, or with a more top-down approach. With Lingaro as your main partner in the journey of modern cloud computing, you can benefit from everything that various cloud service providers have to offer.

Map your best path to your
best cloud environment

With our Solution Driven Delivery Model, consisting of
4 steps, we bring the fastest Time-to-Value.


First we perform an Audit to detect all the problems and bottlenecks regarding data.


Proof of Concept, with all essential functionalities, providing a 3 months TTV sneak peak of the solution in hand.


The third stage of the process is built in cooperation with the PoC and with assessing the usefulness to prepare for larger Data Lake implementations.


The last stage is creating the tailored solution that addresses all the business needs and solves all the problems.

Lingaro Cloud Services

Why Lingaro?

Lingaro helps to address key data challenges faced by all fast-growing businesses, leveraging modern data solutions. Working closely with all key stakeholders, we design cloud migration projects that:

Include well-defined KPIs

Support effective change management

Help you benefit from the best the cloud solutions that the market has to offer.

Execute your cloud strategy
with the support you need,
when you need it

We help you take all the steps to value in the cloud. While this delivery model is designed to minimize time-to-value, you decide how fast you take each step. During delivery, we can adjust the solutions and data structures to best meet day-to-day requirements.

Development that considers compatibility with the Data Lake.

Delivery that ensures all business requirements are met.

Combining advantages of on-premise and cloud storage options.

PoC with the look and feel of the end solution to be delivered within three months.

Implementing custom Data Hubs and ambitious data processing platforms.

Transformation Approach


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