Lingaro Code of Conduct

A message from the COO

Małgorzata Gryz
Chief Operating Officer

The Lingaro Group’s greatest strength lies in its Team. United around our Core Values of Technology Excellence, Customer Focus, Collaboration, Autonomy, and No Barriers, Lingarians have immense potential to drive the company’s success, support each other’s professional development, and create an organizational culture that people want to belong to.

To fully realize this potential – especially as Lingaro continues to grow rapidly – it is important to clarify expectations as to how we should translate our Core Values into everyday behavior both among ourselves and towards external stakeholders, especially our Customers and Business Partners.

Accordingly, this Code of Conduct sets behavioral standards for all Lingarians, wherever they are, whatever their roles are, and whomever they are working with.

As Lingaro Group COO, on behalf of the entire Leadership Team I ask each and every Lingarian to read, understand, and follow this Code. Let’s continue working together to achieve great things in an outstanding workplace that all of us create, respect, and we are passionate about. We shape our present and future environment.

Core Values

We are a values-driven company. Our Core Values guide us as we build a workplace, we are proud of while staying true to ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers. These values are behind everything we do, from making strategic decisions with partners to hiring people who belong here and promoting top performers.

Our Core Values are key factors in our company’s continued success. In your professional capacity as a Lingarian, you are expected to abide by them at all times.

Technology Excellence

We are best in class in our area of expertise, passionate about innovation and exploring new technologies.

Customer Focus

Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. We go an extra mile to exceed expectations. Our can-do attitude, top expertise, flexible approach, and dedication build trust.


By fostering kindness, loyalty, and respect in our diverse community, we build strong relationships. We can always count on mutual help within our capacity to achieve Lingaro’s goals.

No Barriers

We cherish a culture of open communication and direct contact, from Interns to Executives. We believe in sharing ideas, knowledge & inspiration, without unnecessary bureaucracy.


Upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism, we are entrusted with significant freedom to advance the best interest of Lingaro and our Customers.

We ensure a respectful workplace

We pay particular attention to being courteous in the language we use when:

Giving feedback.
We are constructive, discreet, and fair. We stick to objective facts and speak directly and promptly to the right person.

Using social media.
In personal posts, we make it clear that we are expressing personal views. We are respectful when mentioning customers, suppliers, competitors, or partners.

Giving recognition.
Whether it is to an individual or a team or both, we give credit where it is due.

We are true professionals

We are true professionals

We make commitments we deliver on

Whomever we are making a commitment to – including clients, partners, other Lingarians, and even competitors (e.g., acting within a multivendor Customer’s environment) – we ensure that we have the authority and capability to deliver on it.

We always act in our customers’ best interests

Our customers’ best interests may be explicitly defined within the scope of a project – or not. We aim to ethically and pragmatically understand, anticipate, and act in accordance with as many of these interests as possible.

We try to understand our customer counterparts’ individual roles in order to help them perform as well as possible in it. Where possible, we take workload off their shoulders so they can focus on their jobs, not ours. We help them keep up with market news, acquire expertise, and learn about innovative solutions to their challenges – whether Lingaro can provide these solutions yet or not.

We are transparent and honest

We share information truthfully and openly with the right people.

There are no exceptions for hard truths. We own up to mistakes, acknowledge limitations, and ask for help when we need it. We describe our roles, competencies, and experience factually.

We approach risk responsibly

We understand that doing business always comes with risk to be considered and managed, assessing consequences of our actions.

We price our offerings appropriately

Our pricing is always clearly justifiable to customers. It reflects our detailed understanding of their requirements and satisfies our own business needs.

We are respectful of competitors

We treat our competitors with dignity, fairness, and respect. When making comparisons, we avoid emphasizing their weaknesses, making direct comparisons, and badmouthing in general.

Instead, we highlight our strengths, our unique competencies, and the key benefits customers can get when working with us. We stick to objective facts and assessments that are fair, defensible, and methodically sound, e.g. from well-respected third-party sources. We choose our words carefully, especially on social media platforms.

We follow all laws and company policies

We adhere to all company policies and comply with applicable laws including, for example, those governing labor relations, data processing and privacy, competition, taxes and finances, competition and trade, and intellectual property.

In day-to-day business, we pay particular attention to avoiding conflicts of interest with customers involving: • Bribery. • Money laundering. • Gifts and entertainment. • Human rights. We respect all human rights as recognized by the United Nations and do not cooperate with organizations using child or slave labor. • Trade sanctions. We comply with applicable trade sanction laws and regulations that refrain from engaging in any transaction with a party or country sanctioned by the United Nations, the European Union, or the United States.

We play fair

Our competition with other vendors is fair, open, and friendly. We do not collude to fix prices, allocate markets, or seek to gain an unfair advantage in any other way.

When gathering intelligence on competitors, we ensure that our methods are legal and ethical. We use, for example, competitors’ websites, third-party research, or public announcements. We do not obtain information through deception, threats, or any other dishonest means.

We do what is right

We respect human rights
We uphold the United Nation’s Universals Declaration of Human Rights and Convention on the Rights of the Child. We are committed to working exclusively with others who are similarly aligned and assess all our business relationships accordingly.

We take care of the environment
We run a number of green initiatives at each of our sites around the world.

We give back
Every year we organize multiple fundraisers and other charitable initiatives to help those in need. We also support external initiatives brought to our attention by Lingarians.

We uphold this Code

We all abide by this Code, from management board members, through our regular employees to temporary contractors. We also expect suppliers, business partners, and anyone else working with Lingarians and for Lingaro to share values and goals similar those described here.