Computer Vision

Improve business process efficiency with real-time data from videos and images

Computer Vision
from Lingaro

Lingaro designs solutions that match any business needs by bringing to life input from company cameras and CCTV.

We develop innovative computer vision applications which address a wide variety of business use cases, including:

Dispatch Automation

service automation dispatch in CCTV monitored areas


automated metrics (e.g. share of shelf) calculations based on shelf images

Lost Opportunity Analysis

quantifying based on CCTV feeds with the number of people that entered a service point but did not receive service (e.g. someone leaving a bank because of a long que)

Product Tagging

augmenting images by using information that is visible on the product

…and many more.

Key Advantages of Computer Vision

Computer vision can be used across different industry verticals to enhance productivity, efficiency, customer experience, reduce operating costs, minimize defects, and improve security.

New data potential

Computer vision lets us access information that was previously unavailable (e.g. information on people entering a bank and leaving without approaching the counter – this was only possible if somebody viewed all the recordings and counted this manually).


Final product accuracy is ensured thanks to the precision of computer imagining and computer vision.


Efficiency is maintained by eliminating human factors;
tiredness or illnesses no longer impact performance.

Wide range of
business uses

Our solutions support businesses from all sectors, from warehouse tracking to medical industry applications.

Cost reduction

Time and error rate reduction, thanks to computers performing activities of hundreds of employees, without the need for costly staff trainings.


Our solutions are highly flexible and can easily be adapted to changing circumstances and address future needs and functionality extensions.

Lingaro Offer

Lingaro’s teams are proficient in a wide range of the most important computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies.

Optimize on-shelf visibility

Verify the location of products and ensure their optimal presentation, proper categorical placement, and proportional share of shelf space.

Reduce lost opportunities

Quantify the number of clients that are not serviced in particular time intervals and adjust shift plans to better address the consumer flow.

Shorten the path to purchase

Shorten the path to purchase by tagging products on promotional images, used on your webpage.

How we work

Get the working solution and tangible results in weeks, not months.
From Minimum Valuable Product to fully tailored solution.



Immediate verification of the business impact and technical possibilities.


Creating a quick and dirty solution addressing the business cases and verification using CV.



Verifying if the solution is robust to different conditions in which it will be deployed.


Selecting the most diverse scenarios in which the solution will be deployed.



Once the solution is verified, the next step is to scale it and maximize the business benefits.


At this point we select the best solution for scaling (edge computing vs. central server) and adjust the solution to specific camera features.


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