Meet Lingaro's New Corporate Identity

After a decade of success under our former corporate identity, Lingaro has a new logo and slogan as of October 3rd, 2018.

There are some clear differences between our old and new identities. These differences represent how much we have evolved along with our customers and the enterprise technology solutions market over the last 10 years.

Along with the differences, however, there are also some similarities. These similarities represent our core competencies and values that have helped us win the last 10 years and will help us win the next 10 and beyond. 

Together, our new logo and slogan therefore reflect the balance we strike between the old and the new, between innovation and tradition.

Here’s how:

Our logo offers a fresh perspective on a proven partner.


Our enterprise customers look to us for a combination of startup-style ideas and the ability to deliver on them reliably.

To demonstrate our ability to deliver this combination with messaging that is simple and effective – just like the way we do business – our logo relies on three key elements:



Our logo’s color is now purple. It falls on the color spectrum between red – typically associated with excitement, energy, and youth – and blue, which creates an impression of trust, strength, and integrity. Purple is the color of creativity, wisdom, and dignity and is rarely found among IT industry brands. It suggests that our commitment to professionalism has a human side, i.e. that people from our company are using IT to help people from other companies overcome their real-world business challenges.



Our logo brings together variations of just two basic shapes to form the letters of the company’s name. These letters are unique to the logo: they are not part of any font or typeface collection. They therefore represent the way our business – at its most fundamental level – brings together digital 1’s and 0’s in novel ways to drive unique value for customers.



Both our former and current logos contain circles representing our approach to data analytics. Similar to how analytics-ready data enables “apples to apples” comparisons, the circles in each logo are equally sized. At the same time, the logos set the circles apart from each other – just as effective data analytics uncovers differences in data that lead to actionable business insights. Our current logo retains two of the three circles from our former logo and rearranges them to indicate the “g” in our name. We are proud of our core competencies, history, and values, but we are not afraid to view them from a fresh perspective. 

Our slogan defines an innovative course to a long-standing business goal.


Our new slogan consists of three imperatives marking the strategic path we walk with customers: Digitize. Disrupt. Lead.

To explain this path, let’s trace it back from its ultimate destination:


Our customers have a wide variety of specific business objectives and requirements. As large enterprises, though, they all frame their strategies in terms of the same overarching goal: leadership. 

It could be leadership of a market, category, channel, or something else. They may not actually be leading it today or even tomorrow. But wherever they’re playing, for them it is a long game and they’re playing it to win. 

This broad goal of leadership isn’t new. Our customer have had it as long as they have been large enterprises and often beforehand as well. 

In the modern economy, however, leadership demands a new skill set defined best by the second imperative in our slogan:


Not so long ago, business boundaries – e.g. between markets, categories, or channels – were more clearly defined and stable than today. For the most part, that meant large enterprises led by successfully competing with a few other large enterprises on relatively well defined playing fields.

Today, business boundaries are blurry. Fast-moving innovators can define their own playing fields where they can lead and, in doing so, disrupt the business models of yesterday’s leaders.

The new reality is therefore “disrupt or be disrupted.” To lead, large enterprises are positioning themselves for leadership by advantageously disrupting their own established business models. If they fail to do so, they risk being disadvantageously disrupted by more innovative competitors.

But what is causing the business boundaries to shift in the first place? What, for example, is enabling start-ups to pose real competitive threats to larger incumbents who have led markets for decades? 

The answer is digital technology, which brings us to our slogan’s first imperative:


Digital business processes enable ideas – whether in start-ups or large enterprises – to scale up faster than ever.

Digitization is the key driver behind today’s most excitingly disruptive business opportunities.

Therefore our slogan starts here!


Together, our new logo and slogan help define our balanced role as, on the one hand, a proven partner helping customers achieve a traditional business goal and, on the other, an innovator with modern optics to match the fast-moving marketplace.  

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