Data Lakes

A good data lake can accelerate an organization’s journey towards advanced analytics by enabling value-added data innovation and exploration. Effective data lakes are built from a business-first perspective, using proper data management and scalable capacity.


Lingaro’s Data lakes process data fast at scale with visual reporting, exploratory analysis and point-and-click accessibility, truly supporting every business user – not just data scientists or IT staff.

Properly Engineered Data Lakes
Deliver Clear Value

With the right data lake, a company can launch advanced analytics and BI solutions faster and dramatically reduce its time-to-insights. Based on user feedback from our key clients, top benefits include:

More – and more valuable – BI and advanced analytics tools for business users

Better day-to-day decisions and quicker responses to changing market trends

Crucial data and KPIs from different sources easily accessible in one view

Faster, more advanced analysis and trends investigation

One-stop data reporting, extraction and analysis at scale

Up-to-date reports accessible from anywhere via all common personal technology devices

Check out how we delivered the largest Azure data lake to date for a high-profile FMCG client

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Data Lake Case Study

Trusted Technology Partner

Lingaro partners with clients to overcome even the most complex data lake challenges. Regardless of your current deployment stage, we are able to accelerate your time-to-value with best practices learned executing data lake projects of all sizes, from global rollouts to one-off optimizations.

We provide data lake platform and data governance consulting that ensures:


Proper data governance and data management

Democratized access to data with elimination of data silos in the organization

Data security ensured for each level of data sensitivity (eg. PII data) with access rights granted by business role


Easier experimentation and better business focus with a use-case-based approach

A single view of up-to-date KPIs – based on data smoothly drawn from multiple sources – supporting crucial decisions

Trusted master data meeting specific local needs without compromising global reporting capabilities


Flexibility for users to run improved analytics on raw data with better insights and understanding in the future

Quick delivery of integrated datasets for data science, advanced analytics, and BI applications

Seamless integration of existing data processes with new data from BI applications introduced in the future


Effective data integration that makes it easy to translate raw data into actionable insights with leading self-service BI tools

Long-term cost savings in terms of infrastructure / hardware and their support

A data lake that can be incorporated into the current IT landscape with data hubs and data warehouses

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Lingaro partners with clients to overcome even the most complex data lake challenges.

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We can help you…

Get the most out of your digital assets regardless of their source or format

Take full advantage of emerging BI technologies and advanced analytics powered by AI and ML

Truly support your business strategy with a data infrastructure foundation as opposed to a stand-alone platform

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Data Lakes powered by Cloud Architecture

Despite the cloud’s growing popularity, in our experience many companies are not taking full advantage of its potential to optimize the scalability and costs of their technology architecture.

Lingaro has a long track record of successfully delivering big data and data lake projects in the cloud, minimizing pre-development capital expenses. In the cloud, a data lake platform can be provisioned quickly (in minutes vs. in month for on-premise) and offers instant scalability with a “per use” cost model.

The highly scalable, top-performing solutions we build can be extended to new markets or regions faster and more securely without interrupting performance.

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Governance & management of cloud resources

Despite the increasing amount of cloud resources and available services, companies still struggle to provide users with access to them in an efficient, timely manner. Enterprise compliance rules, policies, and security requirements can often delay cloud provisioning processes for weeks and extend the time-to-market for cloud-based solutions and advanced analytics tools.

Utilizing best practices gathered from our years of experience, Lingaro can optimize your cloud governance and operations with a cloud management platform that automates provisioning and keeps usage and costs under control. The highly scalable, top-performing solutions we build can be extended to new markets/regions quickly and securely without interrupting performance

From Technical Audit to Ongoing Operational Excellence with DevOps

To build solutions that best serve business users and allow them to take full advantage of all available data, Lingaro provides end-to-end support for organizations as they become more data-driven.

Technical audits help identify current bottlenecks and gaps, and map a course to an IT landscape transformation supporting business goals with scalable data warehousing and appropriate BI solutions. Ongoing DevOps support, delivery, and improvement of these solutions ensures constant functional excellence.

Machine Learning & AI

In order to automate and speed up processes around data as well as to help master the data economy, we deliver solutions using advanced AI and machine learning-powered analytics. We can support your in-house data science team as well as build end-to-end solutions that will help your company grow with the newest technological advantages.


We will help ensure that your architecture supports advanced analytics, winning data strategies, and effective data management. We have proven expertise and experience in delivering end-to-end capabilities that take full advantage of all types of data. We excel at building traditional data warehouses and data lakes both on cloud and on premise.

Lingaro`s approach to data-lake development can help your company launch analytics programs quickly and establish a firmly data-friendly culture.

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