Data Science

Data Science is at the heart of the products and services we provide. We use cutting-edge Big Data Science tools, algorithms, methodologies, and techniques.

Data Science solutions that perfectly
meet your business goals

Deep business understanding
gained by working closely
with your team

Optimal mix of models
based on simultaneous comparisons of approaches

Agile delivery
with constant evaluation
of business success criteria

Ongoing project documentation
at every stage of delivery

Cost optimization
with a blend
of open-source tools

Data Science Excellence

Delivered projects
Ongoing projects
Big Data projects

Key Services

Business analysis

We turn internal and external data into insights and recommendations that drive better business decisions and give our clients a competitive advantage.

After understanding all the specific market conditions, we analyze and identify the key drivers behind them. We are then ready to address your challenges and make our recommendations.

Market & Competitive Analysis
Gain better understanding of the competition, market trends, and industry challenges.
We provide counter-strategy analysis and validation covering multiple market growth scenarios.
Promo Analysis
Get insights into what types of campaigns and products bring the highest returns.
We help optimize your marketing campaigns by analyzing your promotions’ effectiveness.
Business Process Monitoring
Receive KPI anomaly alerts.
We turn data into actionable insights supporting management by exception with KPI anomaly alerting.


Cloud computing has allowed optimized algorithms to be used in many fields like mechanics, economics, finance, engineering, geophysics, and molecular modeling.

We help our clients make sense of the tremendous amounts of variables to achieve clearly defined outcomes, usually involving optimal allocations. We use advanced optimization algorithms to mathematically represent problems in an easy and understandable way with testable scenarios.

Lingaro’s customized algorithmic optimization helps you:

Increase production plan efficiency by improving resource allocation.

Drive distribution of your most profitable SKUs in line with sales targets.

Optimize supply chains with research modeling to support balanced truck usage vs. cash in inventory allocations. Even small shipping plan adjustments can lead to significant improvements of the entire system.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning involves the study and construction of mathematical programs that can learn on their own and make predictions based on data. The study evolved from pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Algorithms are designed to build models from sample inputs to make data-driven predictions and to support informed decisions.

Chat bots

Live chat support for websites requires more time, space, and money than necessary – especially when the questions are simple and can be answered automatically. Chatbots from Lingaro optimize resources by handling basic questions and passing on more complicated queries to consultants.

Inventory management predictions

Non-productive inventory constitutes a significant challenge to many manufacturing companies. Our solutions automate obsolete inventory management with advanced Machine Learning engines. We help to build Smart Inventory Systems powered by informed decisions.

POS product hierarchy optimization

Disparate, sparse data commonly poses a critical threat to system quality and integrity. Legacy, manual data integration and harmonization techniques are inefficient and unreliable. Machine Learning automates POS data integration processes to ensure immediate, top-quality harmonization.

Data discovery

Data discovery involves visualizing data or performing exploratory statistical analyses to uncover patterns and to locate anomalies.

To do so, organizations rely on visualization and statistical tools to help navigate and analyze their data.

Lingaro’s solutions cover
full enterprise data processes

Solutions Powered by
AI and Machine Learning Engines

Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms

Forecasting and predictions

Anomaly detection

Modeling and optimization

Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms

Forecasting and predictions

Natural language processing


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