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Create a data visualization that covers the needs described in one of our scenarios or make up your own scenario

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Your project will be judged according three key criteria

Data Visualization

Dashboard design
Experience – Look and Feel
0-5 points

Informational Value

Demonstrating evidence of clear
thinking and analytical approach.
Relevance to the selected scenario.
0-5 points


Idea, concept, enriching the data.
We will also consider criteria
like tool capabilities.
0-5 points

*Final scores will not be published.

About the data

The data contains information about all the movies and people who were nominated for the Oscars.

For each entity, you will find the category, year of nomination, and a flag if it was the winner or not.
For most movies (but not all), you will find a lot of additional information, like actors, directors’ names, IMDB rating, budget etc.

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You can create a data visualization that covers one of the scenarios or come up with your own scenario idea.

You are a movie producer and you want to know which type of movies you should invest in and what people you should hire in order to increase the chances for making a successful movie.

Your story might answer questions like:
Is making a remake of an old Oscar awarded movie the recipe for success? Is there a method that can help you get an Oscar award?

You are a movie blogger and you want to create interesting content about movies that have been nominated but never received an Oscar award.

Your story might answer a question like:
What do “Fight Club’”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Blade Runner”, and “A clockwork Orange” have in common?

Predict which film and who shall be recognized by the Academy this year.

And the Oscar goes to…

Your own idea for the data…

Let your creative juices flow, play around with the data according to your own scenario.


Take part in the challenge and win one of our awesome prizes

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