Improve your
forecast accuracy

Level up your SAP or Excel-based demand planning system
by bringing together isolated datasets,
automating workflows, and adapting to market
conditions in real time.


We know what you’re
struggling with

Manual work to forecast sales around promotions and short product life cycles.

Aggregating data from a scattered array of sources.

Integrating new data sources into your existing forecasting models.

High statistical error rates for your forecasts.

Automate your way
to more accurate

Lingaro can help you with
the most complicated forecasting models.

We minimize manual
workflows by automatically bringing together data
from any number of new or
existing resources
into automated models that
reflect all necessary

Models built this way can not only improve your forecast accuracy but also let you
easily distinguish the
effects of promotions vs.
other variables.

Make intelligent demand
forecasting work
your way!

To support your bottom-line results, Lingaro builds perfectly
customized tools that:

  • adapt to your constantly evolving data environment,
  • scale easily and securely with your growing requirements
    and strict standards, and
  • incorporate leading-edge AI and machine learning

Find out how we helped a leading FMCG company
get more accurate demand forecasts, optimize
inventory and improve customer service!

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We help leading companies succeed in the data
economy through intelligent demand forecasting,
advanced analytics, and more.

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