Demand Planning Reporting

Accurate demand forecasts enable enterprises to optimize their production, inventories, logistics, and finances.

Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of your demand planning, involve close cooperation between our business analysts and your organization’s demand planners, and offer a unique route to value creation.

Intelligently forecast demand

Support decisions on where and when to ship products in advance with automated daily forecasts based on demand patterns at a variety of levels including geographic location, customer, retailer, and product hierarchy or attributes. View your forecasts by product hierarchy, region of destination, region of origin, and much more. Modify the scope of your forecasts across regions and generate detailed forecast reports with perfect performance and scalability.

Compare, combine, and evaluate forecasts

Transform data from multiple applications and combine forecasts from different sources. Compare forecasts with sales at a range of granularity levels using KPIs based on various metrics. Quickly evaluate forecast quality in terms of accuracy, geographical relevance, timing, and availability to downstream users.

Build out demand planning systems

Augment your demand planning system with supporting solutions as they are needed. Examples may include tools to measure supply feasibility in less-than-normal lead times, potential volume increases from planned activities not otherwise accounted for, and supply chain troubleshooting.


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Demand Planning Business Domain Leader

Błażej Chodarcewicz

Blazej has a strong, goal-oriented combination of technical and managerial experience gained over 15 years overseeing international teams -- sometimes with as many as 200 members -- developing IT solutions based on a broad range of Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Web and Mobile application technologies. At Lingaro he focuses primarily on delivering Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that best fit customer needs in Demand Planning, Quality Assurance, and Global Consumer Relations initiatives.