DevOps Model

Proven tracks of successful delivery of DevOps services to global customers.

We provide global 24/7 IT systems’
operation support.

Our model guarantees services and solutions delivered in a shorter time, more cost-effectively, and with a lower rate of failed changes.

Lingaro provides 24/7 support to global customers with applications that can be categorized as follows:

BI/Data Warehousing applications

BI/Data Warehousing tools

Mobile applications

Web applications

Cloud and on-premise platforms

Lingaro’s DevOps model guarantees the support is delivered by the application development team, by experts who possess the in-depth knowledge of business requirements and the technical capabilities to implement them.

Challenges We Solve

Lingaro DevOps Services

Transformation Activities

  • Consultancy in DevOps transformation
  • Maturity and readiness assessment
  • Proposed roadmap for implementation

Application Implementation with DevOps

  • Implementation of the new Application with DevOps principles from the very beginning
  • Tailored to the current client architecture

Transition of the Application to DevOps

  • DevOps assessment of the existing application
  • Transition of the process, technology and people to the DevOps model

Lingaro’s DevOps
Model Implementation

Journey to Self-Healing
IT Operation Services

Key Benefits

  • Understand system health – good vs bad
  • Predict issues – in different parts of the system
  • Take action to fix issues – automatic or recommend for manual action
  • Augment human experts by providing recommendations
  • Validate actions using feedback mechanisms
  • Handle new issues – automatic or recommend for manual action
  • Adapt to evolving systems – changing the baseline based on system performance

Data Science solutions that perfectly
meet your business goals

and Process Excellence

through Tailored DevOps Model

Customer in charge
Agile Methodologies

Better end-user adoption
with UX/UI Focus

Skilled Team
with 24/7 Coverage


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