Dynamic Labels

Build your reports faster with Dynamic Labels by Lingaro and forget about creating DAX measures to display the list of selected values.

We are excited to introduce Dynamic Labels created by Lingaro – a stunning custom visualization that will enable you to easily display the list of selected values without creating any DAX measures. This powerful custom visual will help to take your Power BI reports to a whole new level. Display selected values faster than ever before without creating any measures to show the picked data context.

The Dynamic Labels feature includes:

  • Displaying multiple values using comma,
  • Presenting selected hierarchies, i.e. calendar dates (year, quarter, month) as a separate line or series,
  • Setting customized limits of the presented values,
  • Unlimited editing capabilities.

Get started with custom visuals

While building your Power BI reports, it might be useful to present a card visual. This will allow you to show what values have been selected or to highlight any crucial data points. In the past, you had to create various combinations of DAX measures to reach your goal. With Dynamic Labels by Lingaro, all you need to do is drag and drop the desired fields into the custom visual to create an intelligent card.

Gantt charts

Get started with Dynamic Labels by Lingaro!

If this is your first time working with custom visuals, please follow the instructions from Microsoft on how to import custom visuals into the Power BI Desktop: