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We help enterprises build digital commerce solutions that improve buying experience, help to reach new clients, raise conversion rates, and streamline workflows.

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Turn online sales
into a sustainable
competitive advantage

Together with ORBA, Lingaro can overhaul your existing e-commerce architecture to deliver an immediate boost in online conversions. More importantly, we can position you for ongoing B2B and B2C success, as the space evolves around innovations like the Internet of Things, headless sites, and Progressive Web Apps.

Execute a data-driven

With proven Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics offerings from Lingaro, you can understand not just what, where, when, and how much your customers want to buy, but also how they want to experience their purchases.

Through a combination of in-depth UX research, extensive prototype testing, and market research analytics, our proven e-commerce solutions help build your site around those experiences. For example, for one customer we were able to identify that a group of only 20% of storefront visitors were generating more than 50% of all transactions. Armed with this information, we could optimize the site for this customer segment and increase the store’s revenue.

Make e-commerce
work your way

The best enterprise e-commerce systems are natural extensions of an organization’s unique business processes.

Through custom design, dedicated modules, and tight ERP integration, we offer an efficient blend of technical experience gained through years of e-commerce development. With more than 45,000 development hours for Magento 2 alone, cutting-edge business know-how, and discovery skills gained working with industry leaders; we can bring it all together in an online store that works the way your team does – and the way your customers want.

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To learn more about e-commerce capabilities from Lingaro and ORBA:


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