Enterprise Web & Mobile

In today’s fast-moving and hyper-agile business environment, the value of a cloud-based enterprise solution depends on its accessibility just as much as its capabilities.

Smartphone and desktop internet browser applications offer teams – both internal and external – an easy-to-use way to make the most of your powerful solution. Getting these applications scoped, built, and launched can take significant resources – and downtime is not an option. When every minute counts, our engineers who are passionately committed to getting it right the first time with turnkey responsive web and mobile applications that are efficient, cost-optimized, and on schedule.

Get the right UX and UI answers in one place

Identify what will be – and stay – engaging on different devices. Determine the optimal place to manage source code and whether the application should be stored in the cloud. Choose the best security measures for data storage, acceptable content on different devices, and UX-friendly user authentication.

Quickly and cost-effectively deliver user access via multiple technologies

Take a proven and affordable development path from design to implementation. Keep your business processes accessible as your users go mobile on tablets and smartphones using both iOS and Android. Take advantage of new Internet of Things peripheral hardware opportunities.

Optimize your web and mobile applications for the long run

Be confident that your solution is backed by an end-to-end service guarantee, platform support for hosted applications, and ongoing recommendations in line with your business requirements. Responsively manage the growing complexity of different browsers and their updated versions.


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Web & Mobile Factory Leader

Maciej Głowacki

After many years of experience as an enterprise software architect, Maciej treats every new application as a start-up. That means simplicity is a top priority and investments in development costs are justified only insofar as they generate value for users. He therefore works hard to to build effective solutions from the ground up – instead of going for the easy fix – by listening to customers, analyzing and understanding their requirements, and proposing options that put their IT budgets to work achieving business goals.