Fully automated self-serve cloud provisioning portal handling a multi-cloud model in line with regulations and compliance rules

Cloud provisioning portal

Our customer, an international FMCG leader with a wide range of brands in multiple categories wanted to remove a bottleneck caused by the internal cloud team’s limited capacity which leads to improved time-to-market for solutions utilizing cloud resources. Blueprint architectures for cloud resource provisioning were to be proposed and delivered so as to provide automated self-serve capabilities with end-to-end security and internal process compliance.

Business challenges

Manage and maintain distributed cloud computing environments in a large organization

The customer’s cloud operations team was overwhelmed with the number of provisioning requests flowing to them. Every day, there were around 100+ requests to be handled alongside several hundred simultaneously running applications, many of which integrate with upstream and downstream systems. While some applications were already in the cloud, some are still hosted internally with majority of them designated to be moved. This setup significantly limited the operation team’s capacity. Handling cloud provisioning process using excel files sent via email resulted in long cloud resource delivery times of around two weeks that prevented quick experimentation and building competitive advantage in the data economy. Additionally, manual nature of processes make it highly prone to human error and security breaches.

The need was to create a solution that will allow fast, easy access to requesting cloud resources not only for technical users but as well for business non-technical users. The objective of user-friendly solution was to automate cloud provisioning and maintenance processes so as to free up the cloud operation team’s capacity and speed up time-to-market for systems utilizing cloud resources. The creation of a Cloud Center of Excellence was envisioned to support proper cloud governance, enforce compliance and regulation across all teams having access to the cloud, and ensure that the business was capitalizing on the opportunities of innovative IT.

Lingaro solution

Centralized multi-cloud system for managing and executing all aspects of successful cloud governance strategy

Lingaro started by auditing the customer’s current cloud landscape to understand how best to build a solution that would address business needs. Following the initial assessment, some business processes were redesigned and standardized before work began on the tailored solution which later resulted in even wider range of resources available – compliant with client internal regulations and in line with security – to be requested.

The solution was built as a single portal hosted on Microsoft Azure – the customer’s primary Cloud Service Provider to which 95% of requests go – with a comprehensive suite of functions meeting all customer requirements. The portal relies on built-in Azure managed services to monitor new cloud resource provisioning and minimize core maintenance and administration.

Via specially created adapters, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can serve as a backup or dedicated location for certain projects. Thanks to provisioning automations hosted as well on AWS quick resource ports across Cloud Service Providers are possible. The solution integrates with any cloud’s native mechanisms. The application sits on top of the Azure orchestrator engine, which receives requests and transposes them into API calls via a clean, easy-to-navigate graphical user interface.

It serves as a self-serve marketplace for both technical and non-technical business users requesting new resources and updating existing ones. Requestors are now able to use templates and blueprint architectures to handle straightforward tasks themselves and standardize their internal processes. As a result, the cloud operations team is now able to devote more resources to strategic initiatives like building out the Cloud Center of Excellence and constantly improving provided services. Ease of use of the self-serve Lingaro Cloud Management Portal regained trust in centralized cloud provisioning and maintenance process management that support business needs, across users teams and business owners. The solution thus meets all requirements set by the customer with compliance to their internal regulations.

Cloud provisioning portal

Client benefits

Fast, easy cloud-resources provisioning and enablement capabilities boost delivery and operations productivity around the entire organization and drive bottom-line corporate savings

With the Lingaro Cloud Management Platform (CMP) as their cloud resource management tool of choice, our customer has redefined, standardized, and greatly improved their internal cloud governance processes and removed all operational capacity bottlenecks.

Thanks to the portal, the operations team can spend more time increasing the quality of their work and building the Cloud Center of Excellence. They have gained a much broader range of available resources and services in both supported clouds with easy administration and governance.

To minimize potential risks and provide a standardized approach to security across the entire organization, the Lingaro Cloud Management Portal was built as tailored solution to comply with all of the customer’s internal rules and regulations. It has saved time and money, eliminated human errors in supported processes, and streamlined cloud resource requests.

Over time, very good business user feedback received, confirmed wide portal adoption achieved. The solution has slashed delivery time from 2 weeks to several minutes and thus given the customer greater ability to experiment and utilize analytics capabilities in the cloud!

Testimonials, Quotes from clients:

  • “Good staff, great progress! Thank you for all the hard work.” – IT Manager
  • “Very good, very well-delivered project. We’re using it all the time” – Cloud Solution Architect



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