Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

"The key to uncovering the best opportunities is to reimagine our initial assumptions about success. This research offers insights for executive leaders into understanding how predictions shape our thinking."

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According to the 2022 Gartner® report, Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2023 and Beyond — Seizing Uncertainty, "Savvy executive leaders will work to broaden the horizons of IT professionals and business executives. They will stress the need to fuse technology capabilities with business strategies to drive improved outcomes and ensure they are prepared to deal with uncertainty that will continue to grow." 

Further mentioning, "Gartner’s top strategic predictions continue to offer a provocative look at what might happen to some of the most critical areas of technology and business evolution. More importantly, they help people understand that opportunity lies in every action and every situation. Whether one is a customer, a business or an investor, these predictions will prove useful in capturing the interest of strategic thinkers."