IoT Platform

Augment IoT sensors and third-party system data with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to power truly Smart Consumer Devices, Buildings, and Factories.


Key Features

Self-service real-time analytics
Hybrid deployments in-cloud or on-premise
Artificial Intelligence engine
Device and sensor management
Alerts and notifications
Fully scalable up and down
Custom web and mobile applications
Secure at every step
Easy integration with third-party systems


Our Services

Implementing Lingaro IoT Platform under a SaaS license
Developing Custom web applications
Developing Custom dashboards
Creating Custom Artificial Intelligence models developed by our data scientists
We offer a selection of sensors and devices suited to specific use cases
Agile process digitalization initiatives and research

Why Lingaro

Lingaro has 10+ years of experience developing successful data and analytics solutions.
Collecting IoT data is just a starting point. The true measure of the project’s business value will be how well your analytics translate this data into meaningful insights.

Project Workflow

Our IoT Platform deployment projects are agile and customer focused. Each project begins with a detailed analysis of the current situation, taking into account the existing data sources and possible places where new sensors can be used most effectively.

We then deliver a pilot solution providing immediate, tangible business benefits. Based on the results, we scale the solution up to maximize the value it adds.


Lingaro’s IoT Expertise

Smart Personal and Home Devices

Smart Factory

Smart Building


Smart Personal and Home Devices

Ready-to-go solutions
to support tailored customer experiences
Understand your end customers to build product loyalty
Collect large amounts of device telemetry securely
Utilize advanced analytics to recognize usage patterns and identify customer segments
Improve your customers’ experiences with AI-powered usage advisories and smart notifications
Design new products and services, even more tailored to customer needs

Smart Factory

Ready-to-go solutions
with AI-powered anomaly alerting
Limit production downtime by retrofitting production lines with sensors
Use cameras and vibration, temperature, and power consumption sensors
Create a Machine Learning-enriched digital twin of your production line
Prevent performance anomalies with an AI-infused early warning system
Maintain operational continuity; no new PLC installations necessary

Smart Building

Ready-to-go solutions
with an inbuilt Human Comfort Index Model
Improve tenants’ satisfaction by increasing Human Comfort Index
Integrate all existing building data sources
Connect additional sensors to capture more data
Utilize multiple data points on air quality, sound levels, and more
Optimize your space with a human-centered approach

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