Market Measures

By analyzing data from third party data vendors like Nielsen, GfK, or Intage, market measurement solutions help you understand the market and your competitive position in it.

Metrics take many forms including in product category share, total market share, and shares of shelves, with data typically categorized as Before the Purchase, At the Purchase, and After the Purchase. With deep knowledge of the BI landscape and extensive experience in data integration, we have the ability to deliver end-to-end market measurement solutions, from analysis through backend to frontend and support.

Manage all aspects of your supplier relationships

Understand your entire business landscape taking into account a complete range of factors like price ladders, pack price curves, and promotional trends. Determine your best competitive benchmarks and use them to pick your optimal price-setting strategies and track their execution. Identify the key drivers of changes in sales value and refine your sales plans and price/mix goals accordingly. Discover risks and growth opportunities with automated business sufficiency analyses.

Round out your forecasts and ensure their accuracy

Balance the bias in your forecasts to identify risks and opportunities based on mix exposure and the drivers of mix change. Track changes in market share and pinpoint what is driving them. Monitor trade flow inventory and ensure that sales forecasts are in line with consumption and market share trends by country, category, and retailer. Verify that your business is running smoothly and that all financials correspond to portfolio role.

Boost your marketing effectiveness

Monitor your marketing spend effectiveness for brand reviews, firm planning, initiative planning, and budget management. Fine tune your media planning with a detailed understanding of your media and non-media spend trends across brands and markets.

Harmonize, view, and act on your data

Reduce costs and get business-actionable insights by synthesizing strategic data in data warehouses, data marts, master data repositories, and data processing flows. Visualize your data from multiple business units in an immersive environment. Receive intelligent alerts on competitive threats.

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