Self-Service Modern BI

A lighthouse for the marketers navigating the stormy waters of data of multiple types and qualities with 360-degree consumer view solution in Power BI

Our client, a BI CRM Analytics Manager in a multinational FMCG company, was responsible for campaign performance analysis. The data used for reporting had historically been purchased and stored on unrelated services and therefore scattered throughout the company. Although the customer had created a central source hub for consumer data, users still had difficulty accessing, understanding, and building reports — often requiring significant manual work with Excel files modifiable by any user — around it. As a step to make more data-driven decisions the client wanted a complex consumer analysis one-stop-shop for marketers, brand managers, and brand managers’ assistants from multiple business units. This meant creating enabler for universal consumer analytics, that would replace many local solutions and give broader perspective to business users.

Business Challenges

Marketers did not have an appropriate tool that would enable them to spot performance marketing opportunities and enable better understanding on consumer behaviors based on huge amount of data gathered. The client’s main struggles were inability to quickly integrate the available data connected with consumer journey coming from diverse sources with different level of granularities. There was no data standardization and harmonization in place that would allow easy reporting. With no direct connection to data sources established, data refreshes on a regular basis allowing to make up-to-date decisions were not possible. In addition, excel files were provided by a third-party vendor with high retention of data processing know-how posed a significant risk for getting always quality data.

We identified that the client needed to create a BI solution that would meet several goals:

  • Present complex CRM and campaign data in a way that would be both understandable and exhaustive. Users should be able to answer all their questions without needing to reach for any external tools.
  • Be visually appealing and allow users to obtain insights from the data on the spot. To prepare a report, each user should not have to spend hours interpreting data and creating visual representations.
  • Get automatic insights into the data and alerts if any metric is above or below a defined threshold.
  • Enable advanced users to use the underlying data model to create their own customized dashboards and reports and be able to share them within the organization.
  • Keep all data processes available and transparent.

Self-Service Modern BI

Lingaro Solution

To fulfil the customer’s need for an easy-to-use, visually appealing solution with smooth data integration as a technology-agnostic partner, Lingaro initially analyzed and proposed a comprehensive comparison of several technologies from business needs perspective along with a breakdown of benefits and limitations for each. Lingaro built several Power BI dashboards that have been deployed on the cloud to assure high performance for end users. Each dashboard was built in agile way with close cooperation with business users to ensure added value delivered with each iteration. The chosen solution architecture and technologies allowed to scale up with every solution release. Currently, Lingaro’s solution is fetching data from two separate databases with solution architecture designed to refresh large data volumes and the ability to fast roll-out to new markets.

A Power BI tool offering a 360-degree view of consumer attributes, actions, and predictions was well received by the business, with a resulting decision to proceed with further development and roadmap creation for the next few solution releases. The client also selected Lingaro as a partner to support daily operations and a growing user base of the solution in the proposed DevOps model.

Client Benefits

The key advantage for the client was the ability to identify performance marketing opportunities as a foundation for long-standing consumer relationships. The solution has also::

  • Helped multiple teams save time they would have otherwise been spent analyzing and combining data from various sources and building their own often-incomplete BI dashboards.
  • Reduced complexity of existing reporting and analytics ecosystem.
  • Ensured quality of data with automated data integration.
  • Equipped brands with a one-stop-shop generating holistic consumer insights with direct connection to source databases.
  • Enabled regular refreshes of the data ensuring relevant data presented for decision makers with requiring minimum engagement of the Support Team’s operational time.
  • Armed power users to create new analyses by directly connecting to the tool and to apply data model changes directly in a separate environment. Power Users have been able to share best-in-class ideas with the community.
  • Sped up decision processes and made them more data-driven with fast insight generation in just a few keystrokes.
  • Enabled quicker reaction on any abnormalities in consumer journey with anomaly alerts.



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