Lingaro Leadership

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Lingaro leadership-tomek-rogucki

Tomek Rogucki



Lingaro Leadership-sebastian-stygar

Sebastian Stygar



Lingaro Leadership Małgorzata Gryz

Małgorzata Gryz

Chief Operating Officer


Lingaro leadership Damian Zajkowski

Damian Zajkowski

Chief Financial Officer



Roman Baluta

E-commerce Section Director / Orba’s CEO


Lingaro Leadership team Anna Bowtruczuk

Anna Bowtruczuk

Senior Human Resources Manager


Lingaro Leadership-team-Eric Magdato

Eric Magdato

Country Head, Lingaro Philippines


Lingaro Leadership Arkadiusz Truskolaski

Arkadiusz Truskolaski

Business Intelligence Solutions and DevOps Section Director


Lingaro Leadership-Guillaume Lartigue

Guillaume Lartigue

Data & Analytics Solutions Section Director


Lingaro leadership-Łukasz Jastrzębski

Łukasz Jastrzębski

New Business Section Director


Lingaro leadership-team-Szymon Adamala

Szymon Adamala

Data Science Section Director


Lingaro leadership-team-Piotr Chmielewski

Piotr Chmielewski

Web, Mobile, and Cloud Solutions Section Director


Lingaro leadership-grzegorz-tkaczyk

Grzegorz Tkaczyk

Chief Technology Officer

LingaroLleadership-team-Jan Wenda

Jan Wenda

General Manager North America


Lingaro leadership Carlos Navarro

Carlos Navarro

Data Driven Strategy Director


Lingaro Leadership-team-Philip Bierhoff

Philip Bierhoff

Global Account Director


Lingaro Leadership-team-Barbara Truszkowska

Barbara Truszkowska

Head of Legal


Lingaro leadership-Grzeorz Zapert

Greg Zapert

Head of Quality and Operational Excellence


Lingaro leadership-team-tomek-roszkowski

Tomasz Roszkowski

Head of DevOps


Lingaro Leadership-team-piotrek rybiński

Piotr Rybiński

Head of Branding and Customer Experience


Lingaro Leadership-team-przemek Korczak

Przemysław Korczak

Big Data & IoT Strategy & Business Development Manager



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