Procurement Analytics

Get integrated and trustworthy Procurement Data
to build and execute your Strategy

Our unique experience
will help you:

Build procurement analysis with reliable, automatically collected data from your ERP systems, procurement applications or platforms, and external sources
Get rid of generic analytical reports, not tailored to procurement specifics and eliminate manual work
Strongly connect procurement with the entire value chain by building a unified procurement information base
Deploy AI/ML solutions to intelligently correlate data and improve decision-making

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Sample Procurement
Analytics Visualizations

We aim to be your Partner in developing the Procurement Analytics Ecosystem.
We understand that the joint journey starts with one task.

Build your first Procurement Analytics product with Lingaro

Choosing a procurement area for the analysis

1st week

Understanding the data insight business needs

2nd week

Building an adequate one-stop reporting solution

3rd/4th week

Further development to achieve full usability required by users

2nd month+

What you get

In-depth and cross-sectional spend insights
Sourcing and tendering efficiency analysis
Contracts and approved purchase orders’ review
Sharpened monitoring of payments and cash
Identification of patterns and trends in the supply chain
Check on environmental or social impacts of procurement arrangements
Fostered cross-functional collaboration around procurement data

Why Lingaro

What makes us the Procurement Analytics partner of well-known companies:

Global experience

Procurement domain expertise

Proven model of gradual delivery

Strong customer focus

Technology excellence

Competent, motivated, friendly team

Excellent service 24/7

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