Redesign of Data Warehouse and ETL processes to help company meet their business goals

Data Warehouse

Business challenges

Key transactional database implemented without considering business users’ perspective.

In 2013, a global leader in the HR industry started a project intended to bring detailed, near real-time operational and financial data flows into its key global transactional database. As a result, our client and its own customers would have access to desired management information. Over subsequent years this project has proven unsuccessful both in terms of technology and business. The main challenges that our client was facing were:

  • Very low adoption
  • Diverse reporting tools in place
  • Low performance
  • Low data quality
  • Long ETL execution time prevented further scalability
  • A complicated, hard-to-maintain landscape
  • High maintenance cost

Previous service providers were not able to provide effective and sustainable support and development of this Solution what caused our Client’s dissatisfaction and the need to look for the right partner to work with on this project. Lingaro was asked to provide technical audit of solution and ETL processes and recommend improvements.

Lingaro solution

Technical & functional audit result in new optimized architecture built to support company growth

Lingaro expert team analyzed existing documentation and conducted 2-days workshops with the client to investigate where the problems lie in terms of technology and process aspects. As both company organization and business users are integral part of every data warehouse during assessment process Lingaro team pay special attention as well to organizational dimension.

Lingaro prepared audit report with listed issues and recommendation of Global Data Strategy and new Data Warehouse architecture to solve them. Proposed solution aimed to help in reduction in number of technologies utilized to satisfy business users reporting and data access requirements.

Our Client was very satisfied how fast and smooth Lingaro performed audit (3 weeks). After delivery of audit assessment client asked Lingaro to deliver proposed recommendations. With high customer satisfaction we are continuing cooperation and providing DevOps service for created solution.

Some of technologies included in the solution:

  • Amazon Web Services,
  • Amazon Redshift,
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Talend,
  • MicroStrategy,
  • Java applications.

Data Warehouse

Client benefits

Deployment of new Global Data Warehouse by Lingaro resulted in following benefits for the client:

  • Enabling scalability by redesigning architecture.
  • Increased maintainability and reduced maintenance costs by simplifying infrastructure and number of technologies used.
  • Better solution performance and faster data processing thanks to ETL redesign and simplification.
  • Cost reduction by choosing one BI tool – Microstartegy.
  • Possibility to make global reporting to support better decisions thanks to harmonization of data and with control on security.
  • High adoption thanks to reestablished good data quality and user-friendly reporting interface.
  • Better solution support and ability to quickly respond to new business requirements thanks to smooth DevOps 24/7 service.

In our clients’ word:

“Lingaro is a great company to work with. Our relation goes beyond client-supplier and feels more like a partnership. We share succes (and sometimes failure) but together we learn and strive to achieve common goals.” Niels Meijer Digital transformation lead
Digital Factory & Global IT


Very expert and knowledgeable team, all in all very satisfied with delivered results. Growing in the agile way of working. Good customer focus for example by pro-actively suggesting improvements. Team own’s solutions and this is reflected in how the team is more confident in developing and operating the solution.


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