Revolutionize your Reporting with Tableau. See What Tableau Can Do in Our Demo Presentation Using 2018 European Superstore Data

Magdalena Kurlanc

Tableau is one of the most powerful data visualization tools on the market. See its possibilities in a demo presentation we have put together using 2018 European superstore data.

Starting with raw Excel data, we used Tableau to make four great-looking dashboards on

  • Overall sales
  • Product performance
  • A top 10 ranking
  • A flow diagram linking countries to product category performance

You can dive into each dashboard for deeper insights around business questions like:

  • What were the overall levels of sales made in 2018?
  • Which manufacturers made the most sales? In which categories?
  • What was the most profitable product category overall? What was the most profitable product category in the UK?

Check how we used Tableau’s features to give users the ability to

  • Change context of the dashboards
  • Use visualizations as filters
  • Show or hide filter lists
  • Extend the insights by adding charts into tooltip


Check out the interactive Tableau dashboard and get the presentation guide for an overview of the features, capabilities, and full list of the answered business questions.

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Revolutionize your Reporting with Tableau

Get the presentation guide for an overview of the features, capabilities, and full list of the answered business questions.


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Magdalena Kurlanc
Tableau Champion

At Lingaro, Magda is a Tableau Champion. As a CRM specialist in 2012, she first got acquainted with Tableau from a business user's perspective. Then she realized that, in her case, playing with data analyses is more enjoyable and fulfilling than creating business processes and strategies. When given the opportunity to become a Reporting and Analysis Specialist at the telecom company where she was working at the time, she jumped at the chance. Her business intelligence journey continues to this day. Her business intelligence development expertise lies primarily in frontend BI technologies, with Tableau in particular but also covering Power BI, Looker, Spotfire, and SAP BO. She is comfortable taking on Frontend Developer, Data Analyst, or Business Analyst roles as project needs dictate. An experienced Tableau trainer having led a variety of courses and workshops, she enjoys organizing data visualization contests and is fascinated by data analysis and user experience design. She has served clients in multiple industries, including Telecommunications, E-commerce, Pharmceuticals, and Consumer Goods. While most familiar with CRM, Operations, and Finance, she is always eager to expand her knowledge of other business functions. Her life motto is "Who never made a mistake never tried anything new." After work she is an outdoor freak who loves cross country skiing, roller skiing, and kayaking.

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