Robotic Process Automation

Some business processes require teams to be creative and to make complex judgments. But for those processes that do not, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can free up staff and allow teams to focus on other higher-value activities.

Key challenges we address

RPA handles repetitive cross-enterprise processes like granting access, daily reporting, and data entry with automated robots that make zero mistakes. These robots improve efficiency for even the most trivial tasks, that would otherwise consume significant staff resources.

Time-consuming processes

Manual processes that are not scalable

Process compliance issues

Closed system changes (like SAP), expensive investments, long implementations

Integration needed between closed systems e.g. SAP

Our Approach:

Keep processes optimized even as goals evolve

To win in a fast-moving business environment, you need to consider where and how your processes fit into your enterprise’s overall goals today – and tomorrow.

You can rely on Lingaro’s deep experience in automating SAP and custom applications, along with our technical expertise with RPA-focused tools like Blue Prism, UIPath, and WorkFusion.

Identify, define, and standardize processes

Robots can run your business processes only after they have been discretely integrated as a unique component of your day-to-day operations, defined within appropriate parameters, and standardized with your other automated processes. Ensuring that your business processes meet all these conditions requires a human touch. Ideally from a team – like Lingaro’s – that can learn, understand, and communicate around your strategic business goals as well as merge with your technology systems.

Make process execution stable, cost-efficient, and error-free

Robots can run 24/7 and do not make any errors. They can complete routine processes related to a wide range of business functions, including reporting, accounting, finance, and more. For example:

  • Scan email messages and enter data based on the content
  • Analyze data from different systems and send reports via email
  • Validate system data and flag anomalies

When automated, such processes require less staff attention and financial resources to execute and they can be scaled up far faster and easier than human activity.

Deploy human resources where they really count

After a process has been automated, it requires limited involvement from your team. For example, scheduled processes can alert users when decision-making is required based on specific outcomes and results delivered by robots.

Users can start non-scheduled processes on local machines, monitor robots’ activity, and step in only when more complex actions are necessary. Staff can focus on more valuable, interesting, and engaging work that typically leads to higher employee retention rates.

Key Benefits

End-to-end productivity with error-less execution

Robots follow defined logics without mistakes, distractions or fatigue.

100% Process compliance

Every case is handled the same way with standardized, high-quality results.

Faster and more cost-effective work

Results are available earlier and employees are free to work on other tasks.

Employee satisfaction

Less stress among staff and a more value-focused working environment.

Process improvements

Automated processes can be optimized and standardized to create opportunities that humans could never capture alone.

24/7/365 Availability

Robots can operate constantly night and day.


Any number of robots can be deployed according to client needs.


Robots can operate alongside existing infrastructure managed by IT.

Why Lingaro

We bring top talents together from across a variety of technical fields and quickly adapt to rapidly evolving requirements and market realities to deliver enterprise-grade value.

1. Process engineering with process mining

2. Machine Learning automation

3. Enterprise ready – support 24/7

4. UX Approach – ease of use, customer centric approach

5. Start small methodology automation

Intelligent Automation Continuum

Manual excel

Robotic Process Automation



To empower entrepreneurs, we:

  • Listen and care
  • Do what we say we will do – to deliver what is needed
  • Communicate directly and openly
  • Face challenges with optimism
  • Adapt fast to rapidly changing requirements

Proven track record of enterprise project experience

Our delivered RPA results:

50% faster processing times for sending ~50 inventory status emails for 30 warehouses.

Sending emails manually took ~10 minutes each for a total of 8 hours. With RPA, each email takes 2 minutes for a total of 1.5 hours.

In our client’s words:

“Very clear communication from both PM and the developers is a big advantage. The PM always shared regular project status updates on time and made sure the team was well prepared with the right questions/conclusions for daily connects. All parties were aware of progress on the projects. F2F meetings for introduction and code reviews were a big positive factor. Worth mentioning the very clear/neat timelines and status updates created by the PM.”

Up to 75% faster data validation overnight, with discrepancy-free reports ready for the start of the business day.

Manually, the error-prone process took 6-8 hours during the normal workday. With RPA, the more accurate process takes 2-3 hours while employees are waking up and coming to work.

In our client’s words:

“Team, with RPA the processing finishes at 7:10am and at 7:56 we already know where we stand. Fantastic result!”


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