Sales visual data analytics with Power BI

Sales visual data analytics with Power BI

Bringing data together for easier and quicker sales performance tracking with visual Data Analytics

Business challenges

A major international spirits player’s management team was looking for insights into how different regional sales were performing. Each region was to be scored from 0% to 100% based on key categories like sales performance and market share. The customer asked for an agile insight delivery method with a strong focus on collaboration with business representatives on data analytics solutions.

Lingaro solution

Thanks to an excellent track record in similar projects in Data Analytics background, Lingaro was selected as the company’s technology partner for this initiative.

Lingaro’s proven approach to visual data analytics projects like this one focus on three key goals:

  • Deliver value quickly
  • Bring data together
  • Help people understand and analyze the data

As such, Lingaro prepared and presented a detailed data analysis of several BI tools on which the client might choose to base their solution. In next phase we delivered a set of mockups to illustrate three potential versions of the solutions that the customer could choose to best meet unique needs.

After the customer chose the best version of the visual data analytics solution, Lingaro delivered a prototype in week two and the fully operational solution in week five.

Each interactive dashboard generated by the solution consists of a summary page and detailed pages for each KPI category defined by the customer.

The Interactive Dashboard includes customized dashboards, visual reports and objects like charts, maps, and KPIs.

Client benefits

With a short time-to-value, delivered visual analytical tool almost immediately began helping managers leverage data-driven recommendations. It helps translates data into revenue with straightforward and intuitive visualizations that follow best User Experience practices and are available online via both desktop and mobile.

Thanks to the dashboard, the client has clear visibility of regions’ Net Sales Values as well as key drivers analysis. They are able to identify, communicate, and monitor actual vs. goal progress of key Annual Operation Planning priorities with a clear focus on best supporting strategic plans and decisions.

There was visible impact on business:

  • Data model simplified
  • Market performance measures delivered in timely manner
  • Consistent view of the business across business units
  • Measures aligned and securely shared with client business partners
  • Faster decision making with all crucial metrics visible in one place




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