SAP Business Warehouse

With SAP Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing products, we create and refine applications that let end users identify optimization opportunities across their business.

From tracking to reporting and analysis, we have the business and technical expertise to address customer needs and deliver solutions that drive bottom line results.


Proactively react to inventory anomalies

Use control charts to track changes in inventory and ensure optimal production levels. Prevent inventory shrinkage by monitoring potential causes of product loss. Streamline decision-making by introducing planned actions directly in the application.

Product portfolio optimization

Identify opportunities for cost savings

Indicate which of your products are the most and least popular. Identify optimal production schema by measuring profitability and matching production levels to capacity.

Personnel and asset risk mitigation

Analyze health and safety data

Monitor your company’s health and safety data. Observe risks, identify their sources, and track the frequency of accidents. Prevent potential injuries proactively with customized reports.

SAP Business Warehouse Business Domain Leader

Leszek Bednarz

Leszek is the SAP Practice leader at Lingaro, where has led projects for clients mainly in the FMCG and Energy sectors. He has been working with Business Intelligence technologies for over 10 years, 9 of which he has devoted primarily to mastering SAP BW/HANA from a vareity of perspectives in roles such as technical support specialist, application developer, and pre-sales consultant. He has overseen every aspect of the Lingaro's successful enrollment in the SAP PartnerEdge Build program. As the company's SAP champion, he sees exciting opportunities in hybrid BW/HANA scenarios, cloud computing, and the integration of BW with Big Data via Hadoop.