We help clients protect what matters most in the data-driven world.


We specialize in taking global enterprises on Digital Transformation journeys by building state-of-the-art cloud data and analytics solutions. From day one of every project, we ensure that everything we develop will stand up to rapidly evolving security threats. All security features are designed, delivered, and verified by Lingaro security experts.

Our security services:

Diagnose issues and highlight information security risks in existing systems

Drive improvements

Ensure ongoing protection of key information assets

Data Security Challenges

Enterprise analytics environments contain data you cannot afford to lose:

Real-time logistics data whose unavailability could bring your business to a halt

Personal information - subject to GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations exposing you to risks of million-dollar fines

Business performance metrics which could move stock prices if abused

Product and market insights which could give your competitors the upper hand

Financial information which could throw your accounts into disarray if tampered with

Secure System

Secure cloud-native solution design and delivery

We provide: threat modeling, automated security tests, composition analysis, ongoing oversight by security professionals along the entire development lifecycle, pre-release verification, and post-release response to emerging application threats.

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Secure IoT Solutions

Scalable and secure smart device solutions

Lingaro can help you develop IoT solutions that keep users and their data secure at home and in the workplace. We have expertise rolling out smart personal devices with millions of units deployed worldwide.

Secure IoT Design Journey

Check out how we can take you from an idea to a secure product.

Key Benefits

Whether you are working towards ISO27001, NIST CSF, or any other standard;
our services can help you meet risk management and audit requirements.

Build solutions that are secure by design

Improve confidence in existing systems

Jump-start internal cyber capabilities

Verify and demonstrate compliance

How we work?

Establish a clear picture

Find out what risks are present in your environment across the infrastructure, applications, and supporting processes.

Think like an attacker

What would they try to steal or destroy? What’s most at risk? How would they try to gain access?

Look for root causes

Don’t just find errors, find out why they were made - through flawed processes and system design.

Focus on what matters

Concentrate efforts on critical assets – the data you cannot afford to lose.

Why Lingaro

Uncovering problems is the first, necessary step; fixing them is what makes a difference. Our unique combination of security expertise and development capabilities allow us to do both: diagnose security problems and deliver the changes needed to solve them. We help global enterprises achieve meaningful security improvements by providing:

Interactive Remediation

Close and fast-paced collaboration of our security experts with DevOps teams to quickly fix and re-test the most urgent issues


Thorough configuration review and upgrade of system components to maximize resilience against security threats

Automation and Standardization

Addressing human factors that cause security problems and reducing the chance of error

Re-platforming and Re-design

Fundamental revamp of the entire Data & Analytics architectures to address security debt and to future-proof them against emerging risks


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