Self-Service analytics with Power BI

Self-Service market growth BI that supports the analysis of growth opportunities, under-invested areas, and lost revenue across different aspects of the business

Leading FMCG company providing a wide range of personal health and personal care products were looking for a self-service BI tool to provide top level regional and business unit managers with a reliable source of information about business growth opportunities across the company.

The customer sought a partner with technical expertise and knowledge related to big data, data analysis, and reporting tools to complement its in-house team. One of the client’s priorities was to have a set of simple, attractive, and user-friendly set of dynamic reports enabling users to quickly find the information they needed. Specifically, this information involved business growth opportunities, under-invested areas, and revenue losses and the root causes thereof.

Business challenges

Lack of smooth data integration as bottleneck to getting broader, data-driven market insights

One of the client’s key challenges was making practical use of a huge amount of multi-source data of various types, with different naming conventions, and at multiple reporting levels. Additionally, most of the data was managed by several third-party vendors and delivered in flat file formats.

This kind of setup did not provide the client with any valuable data driven insights and was the main bottleneck to effective collaboration among users around the data.

Therefore the client needed to harmonize, synchronize, and automate data loading. Decision makers needed a user-friendly online tool providing reliable, up-to-date data that allows quick access to the right information whenever they are needed.

Lingaro solution

A data mart bringing together data from multiple disparate sources with enablement of self-service analytics in attractive Power BI reports.

The two main solutions delivered during the project were:

  • A data mart that gathers and harmonizes all necessary data from disparate data sources.
  • A Power BI-based self-service reporting tool that pulls the data from the data mart and visualizes it in the market’s most attractive and user-friendly way.

Lingaro’s first step was to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s business needs, particularly with respect to UX. Lingaro maintained full alignment with these needs through agile project delivery that included daily all-hands meetings with key stakeholders from the client’s side. Regular testing of report navigation functionalities in line with UX allowed continuous incorporation of end user feedback and ultimately resulted in a uniquely intuitive and user-friendly solution.

Data Mart

Data Mart

Client Benefits

Self-service BI that enables fast multi-lens analysis of next strategic growth opportunities

Thanks to the provided solution marketing teams save time they would have otherwise been spent analyzing and combining data from various sources and building their own, often incomplete BI dashboards. The customer now enjoys:

  • Easy access to data for both technical and non-technical users;
  • Streamlined workflows thanks to efficient, automated data loading and transformation that dramatically reduces manual involvement;
  • Significant cost savings thanks to automated data source integration and the elimination of 3rd-party data transformation vendor fees;
  • Greater overall perspective on business performance gained by bringing all necessary data together in a self-service solution;
  • Quick answers to business questions about growth opportunities and under-invested regions or sectors. Top managers can react with no unnecessary delays.

Based on the success of the solution, Lingaro is now working on additional enhancements and is supporting plans to roll the application out for other regions. The client is also making use of Lingaro Power BI expertise in a separate engagement for the business unit.


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