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Is all the money you spend on advertising campaigns effectively improving your marketing ROI? Bring all your customer journey data from multiple platforms together and use AI-based, multi-channel attribution models to optimize your media spends.

Improve Marketing ROI with Senaryo!


Key Features

Senaryo is helping e-commerce marketers and brand managers in their daily jobs

Optimizing campaigns

with multi-channel view and Machine Learning models addressing full Customer journey.

Planning new campaigns

with possibility to check on many what-if scenarios.


with accurate data-driven predictions on your customer’s behavior.

Optimizing media spends

with real-time data.

Why Senaryo

With Senaryo’s AI-driven functionality you eliminate traditional marketing optimization weaknesses

Standard approach struggles

Benefits with Senaryo

Low Marketing ROI

Your Marketing ROI increase

Clear visibility into current performance, improvement recommendations, and multi-channel strategy simulations.

Unknown financial risk associated with decisions

Accurate, data-driven decision outcome predictions

With a clearer idea of which marketing channels are driving conversions and sales, you can better allocate your marketing budget.

Conflicts of interest with a third-party media spend recommendation

Reliable, single source of truth

Independence from agencies and media allows us to focus purely on your business interests.

Solutions not fully adequate for e-commerce

A tool fit to multi-channel customer journey from e-commerce experts

With 10+ years of success in artificial intelligence and online store solutions, we best understand the specificity of e-commerce.

Not integrated, separate advertising platforms

Holistic view on MROI with all platforms integrated in one simple tool

All insights are quickly and easily understandable for anyone in your business.

How it works

We increase e-comerce Marketing ROI using AI-driven attribution modeling

We bring all your data from various sources

We analyze your customer’s
to deliver an
attribution model that best fit
your business goals.

We gave financial perspective
with adding cost data per
marketing channels and
adding conversion values.

We literatively optimize
on various level of
marketing spendings.

We automated the way to
find ML model that best
optimize your ROI.

Powered by artificial
intelligence engine.

AI-powered marketing analysis

Make bigger impact with AI-driven recommendations and rise your
Marketing ROI!

  • All campaigns in one platform with up-to-date visibility on their performance
  • Full visibility on Customer journey with Data-driven multi-channel attribution
  • Automated data quality validation mechanism based on machine learning

AI-based multi-channel attribution models can bring up to
100% higher ROAS than traditional models.

Senaryo access all external platforms and internal sources that you need to get full
picture through API’s or direct connection to Data Base.

You know how much you spend on the channels, but do
you know how particular combination of channels
influence your incremental sales?

See Senaryo
in action

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