Optimize every level of your supply chain

We deliver, manage, support, and advise on reporting and planning tools that help Product Supply, Demand Planning, and Financial decision makers analyze production, inventory, and shipment data to discover insights – and take action.

Our recommendations and scalable technology solutions are tailored to your unique business requirements and backed by end-to-end accountability and quality assurance.

Align multi-functional teams around the best SKUs

Simplify your SKU data collection and visualization before synthesizing your findings. Uncover SKU productivity opportunities, track your progress towards capturing them, and collaborate with other teams on lists of top-performing SKUs by country, category, channel, or key customer.

Streamline your inventory management

Increase the visibility of your inventory to identify problems in advance and monitor performance in control charts. Analyze your inventory positions throughout each month in historical context and against glide paths. Adapt your inventory metrics to your own goals and take a standardized approach to managing non-performing inventory. Get a unified overview of your daily indicators, in-process measurements, and finances.

Synchronize your product flows

Measure volume inflows and outflows for a particular supply chain node. Gauge your cross-dimension supply chain synchronization levels, and forecast your potential benefits of improving them. Understand relationships between synchronization, inventory, service, material type, location, FPC classification, and SKU complexity to minimize efficiency losses and track demonstrated performance improvements from synchronization efforts.


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Supply Chain Analytics Business Domain Leader

Marcin Cybulski

Marcin leads the Supply Chain Analytics practice at Lingaro. Having served at the company for nearly 10 years, he believes its success is thanks to a powerfully simple combination of technical know-how and effective teamwork. He has therefore built a strong knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technologies as well as how to apply it within complex project frameworks.