Supply Chain

Lingaro leverages visibility and decision-making across the entire supply chain. We build customized, enterprise-class Supply Chain software solutions that translate your data into competitive advantages.

Lingaro’s Supply Chain
Analytics Expertise

Every day, we optimize Fortune Global 500 supply chain processes by bringing advanced data analytics together with smart applications, AI, IoT, and RPA. These winning combinations drive customer level services up and operational costs down.

High-quality data enables effortless decision making around core supply chain business functions like supply planning, logistics network modeling, demand forecasting, and inventory management.


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Why Lingaro?

Data-drivenOur approach supports supply chain analytics decisions.
Proven methodologyFollowing SCOR, APICS, and APQC guidelines.
Demand-drivenSupply chains responding to market signals are the envisioned result of our work.
AgileProject delivery approach with incremental adjustments that best meet customer requirements.
Purpose-built toolsSelected or developed in-house according to customer requirements.
Domain expertiseSupporting custom software solutions meeting even the most unique requirements.
Business expertise and technical knowledgeAround global supply chains.
Digital transformationPerspectives on how supply chain optimization can drive organization-wide improvements.

Read all about interactive, real-time inventory analytics that helped our client reduce inventory and improve cash flow!

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      Supply Chain

      Supply Chain
      Analytics Experience

      Digitalized supply chains offer many unique opportunities that can help large organizations achieve operational excellence.
      With a deep understanding of supply chain processes and technologies, our teams can map these opportunities for any business and improve all the key elements of your supply chain.
      Demand forecasting
      Sales forecast implementation
      Demand forecasting process and tool implementation
      Forecast accuracy improvement
      Supply chain design
      Supply chain network modeling
      Distribution network redesign
      Production capability assessment
      Sales and Operations planning
      Inventory management
      Inventory segmentation and classification
      SKU rationalization
      E2E inventory management optimization
      Advanced inventory planning, tracking and control
      Real time inventory visibility
      Supply chain inventory synchronization
      Unproductive inventory optimization
      Order management reporting & tracking
      Transportation and warehousing
      Fleet routing and planning optimization
      Transportation reporting system implementation
      Warehouse processes optimization
      Warehousing reporting system automation

      Innovation-Driven Approach

      We drive innovations, bringing advanced technologies like AI or IoT to level up current processes and build solutions to meet future challenges.

      Artificial Intelligence

      with automated Machine Learning-based decision support for obsolete inventory management.

      Advanced Analytics

      driving fast, efficient decision making related to inventory, transportation, demand forecasting, and other core supply chain processes.


      integrations that match physical product movements with information flows to optimize and visualize inventory storage, track & trace functionalities, and last-mile transportation.

      Robotic Process Automation

      of low-value everyday tasks to streamline supply chain operations and minimize human error.

      Process Mining

      to audit, analyze, and improve existing operations with objective, fact-based insights derived from transactional data.

      Immersive Experiences

      that encourage adoption of advanced BI tools.


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