One-day Tableau
QuickStart Training

Accelerate Tableau adoption with a one-day Tableau QuickStart Training from Lingaro

Tableau makes it quick and easy to share and visualize data for teams with the right piloting skills!

Topics covered

With a Tableau QuickStart Training from Lingaro each participant will boost her/his data presentation skills with a thorough understanding of Tableau’s capabilities and best practices

appropriate data

Creating custom
data filters

effective datasheets

Building informative

Designing compelling

tableau training

Translating insights
into business growth

You can bring it all together into your first fully functional Tableau solution after only one day of training.


  • Understand Tableau’s key capabilities
  • A fully functional Tableau solution built in one training day
  • No prior knowledge of Tableau required
  • Takes only 6 hours
  • Comprehensive post-training concierge support
  • Customized to your needs

For whom:

Professionals in a wide range of disciplines with an interest in the visual presentation of data

No programming experience or specific software experience necessary


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