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Learn how to generate insights and improve collaboration with Microsoft Workplace Analytics.

Leveraging Microsoft Workplace Analytics, Lingaro equips business leaders to respond to workplace disruption, plan recovery, and reimagine their organization to support greater resilience.

Lingaro offers the possibility to learn about Workplace Analytics based on real-life experiences.

This one-hour briefing includes an overview of the following topics:

  1. How Workplace Analytics helps improve collaboration behaviors in your organization.
  2. Workplace Analytics integration with Microsoft Viva Insights.
  3. Sources of data used in Workplace Analytics.
  4. Navigation options and features offered in Workplace Analytics.
  5. Analysis possibilities provided by Workplace Analytics starting from ready to use insights to advanced analysis.
  6. Understand tasks and considerations for setting up Workplace Analytics and managing data privacy.
  7. How to get started and build the case in your organization.

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Meet the Experts

Carlos Navarro
Carlos is responsible for strengthening meaningful, executive-level relationships with major accounts. An advocate of data-driven, customer-centric decision making across entire organizations, he places particular emphasis on user-friendly, well-designed analytics platforms as tools to deliver consistently high value to clients. He has over 10 years of industry experience and joined Lingaro from Hewlett-Packard Poland, where as Delivery Manager he oversaw the launch of a prototype solution generating $2M in revenue and led a global team with 50 total members. He holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from Nebrija University.
Paweł Górski
Paweł is a data analyst with experience in HR, banking and insurance. A trailblazer of Workplace Analytics implementation, leverages skills regarding entire end-to-end data journey: from sourcing to visualization. Before joining the data world he has worked on the business side of analytics projects in multinational corporations for over 13 years. Paweł emphasizes clear message and solutions fit to measure for the client.