Workplace Analytics

Unlock the power of data to understand how productivity and well‑being go hand in hand. Inspire your people to be at their best!

A smarter workplace nurtures
a culture of innovation.

Lingaro uses advanced analytics to provide purposeful and meaningful insights derived from multiple sources of data, such as Microsoft 365, HR systems, talent management systems, and employee engagement surveys. This empowers businesses to overcome organizational challenges and make holistic and informed decisions on different work settings.

Use data to make best use of people’s time.
Plan better work schedules, identify where resources can be recalibrated, and understand which tasks need to be prioritized.

Improve time management.
Get the most out of people’s day by creating smart daily calendars that divides time into meetings, rests, and focus time.

Cultivate teamwork and collaboration.
Use data to gain insights into communication patterns and habits that shed light on how work gets done.

Uplift the employees’ well-being.
Reinforce well-being with actionable insights and recommendations, such as reserving time for regular breaks and practicing mindfulness.

How our solutions work.

With Microsoft Viva Insights, Lingaro helps organizations proactively respond to radical workplace changes, plan transformations, and redesign organizational culture.

Personal insights and actions in the Viva Insights app are based on data from your Exchange Online mailbox, such as email and calendar data. The insights are derived from data that is already available to you in your Exchange Online mailbox and other sources of data like HR systems.

Why Lingaro?

Our advanced analytics capabilities help companies create employee experiences that empower their people to proactively connect with each other, focus on what matters, learn new skills, and thrive at work.


global brands that we support in the data and analytics space


years of experience in building data-driven reporting that empowers decision-making


Microsoft technology experts and consultants on board

Business-first approach

We match business needs with technology, not the other way around.

A Gold Microsoft Partner

Our technical expertise is proven and recognized in the industry.

Choose your path
to workplace success

Lingaro helps organizations reimagine work to achieve greater flexibility and resilience to navigate future changes. We provide modular services based on our own workplace analytics experience to support global brands in their performance modeling.


Accelerate setup. Get instant insights on how to make your organization more efficient. Evaluate data confidentiality and build trust within your organization.


Customize workplace analytics Power BI reports or use custom-made reports to address unique challenges in your organization.


Analyze complex scenarios, including workplace analytics data and other sources (HR systems, talent management systems, engagement surveys) to increase their value. Predict and prevent future events by using data about key processes.

Ready to reshape your work environment?
Lingaro can help you harness the power of data to discover new work and employee experiences that can fuel business growth.


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