Rise Above MarTech Bloat: What To Do With Too Much Marketing Data and Tools

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Too Much Data_ Too Many Tools A Digital Marketer’s Nightmare
Too Much Data_ Too Many Tools A Digital Marketer’s Nightmare

Our Capabilities

Revenue Growth Management

We analyze data on customer demand — price sensitivity, item roles, product attributes — and use simulation tools to optimize offerings.

Brand Analytics

We track online and offline brand performance using lifetime value, brand health, and user engagement metrics on every channel.

Voice of Consumer

We use AI and machine learning to understand the consumer anatomy, gauge user and community influence, and find new consumers.

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

We use advanced analytics to strengthen consumer lifetime value, mapping touchpoints for improving performance across the marketing funnel.

Campaign Management Analytics

We adopt a data-driven approach in implementing and optimizing marketing campaigns, such as measuring their effectiveness and ROI.

Marketing Analytics

We employ capabilities for testing marketing plans, deploying machine learning-powered marketing mix modeling, assessing ROIs, and optimizing budgets.

Results Delivered

Reliability Accuracy Collaboration

Your Competitive Edge

Trusted Advisors

Global companies are confident in our capabilities to create solutions that help capture above-market growth.

One-Stop Analytics Shop

Our capabilities are broad — from marketing, branding, sales, and consumer behavior to demographics.

Faster Time to Value

We adopt an Agile approach that helps deliver projects more quickly and adapt to changes more efficiently.

Tailored Support

Our technology-agnostic approach finds the tools that best fit tactical, operational, and strategic needs.

Case Studies

Automated feedback collection reduces 90% of FMCG company’s manual work

Client: A multinational fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company

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CPG company saves 70% of resources through real-time insights for product assorments

Company: A global consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company

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Katarzyna Komorowska
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