Succeed in Implementing Self-Service Analytics

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_In This Age of GenAI, Whats Holding Firms Back From Embracing Self-Service Analytics
In This Age of GenAI_ Whats Holding Firms Back From Embracing Self-Service Analytics

Our Capabilities

BI Product and Market Analysis

We provide market overviews and in-depth analyses of business intelligence (BI) tools that organizations want to explore.

BI Product Simulation

We help validate or challenge the business's buying decisions through near-real-time simulations using recreated data.

360-Degree Diagnostics

We analyze the business's needs and environments to create, transform, and implement data solutions and strategies.

Data-Driven Strategy

We help organizations advance maturity in analytics and ensure that data is accessible, unified, trusted, and secure. Learn more

Data Platform Assessment

We review architectures and give actionable road maps for identifying technical requirements and moderninzing solutions.

Use Case Delivery

Our unique use case delivery model analyzes the feasibility and value of use cases to design, deploy, or scale data solutions.

Results Delivered

Democratization Interoperability Stewardship

Your Competitive Edge


We orchestrate tools and technologies around business needs and strategies, not the other way around.

Unique 'MERC' Approach

We unite key areas in data strategy: market trends, experience in the industry, and reality/capability check.

4D Framework

Our distinct 4D approach — diagnose, design, deliver, disseminate — covers the entire data transformation journey.

Trusted Experts

Global enterprises are confident in our business expertise and technical know-how.

Case Studies

Global CPG company saves 95% of time in data quality checks

Client: Global consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company

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Meet Our Experts

Sammilan Dey_final

Sammilan Dey
Head of Data Consulting Practice, Director


Jacek Warchoł
Director of Digital Supply Chain Practice

Michal Jablonski

Michal Jablonski
Director of Commercial Analytics Practice

Rafal Kun

Rafał Kun
Lead Consultant
Data Transformation

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