Platform-Agnostic Approach To Adopting Generative AI

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The Business Benefits of Anomaly Detection
The Business Benefits of Anomaly Detection

Lingaro is listed in the Gartner® Guide 
 to Service Providers for GenAI Initiatives.

Tap Into Our Capabilities in Generative AI

Here are some of the use cases that we can help you with:

Marketing Content Creation

Produce blog articles, engaging social media posts, white papers, and other marketing documents.


Craft compelling email campaigns, ads, and other collaterals that help increase awareness and drive sales.

Product Design

Significantly cut leads times for creating innovative design concepts and prototypes.

Secure OpenAI Integration

Seamlessly integrate powerful GPT tools into your own apps or existing platforms to provide safe and secure access to the features and capabilities of GPT.

Customer Support

Significantly reduce customer query response times and increase customer satisfaction by utilizing advanced AI chatbots.

HR and Legal

Distill vast volumes of text into concise summaries that inform decision-making and make information management more efficient.

Personalized Consumer Experience

Use a customer’s interaction history to tailor their brand experience, including personalized product recommendations and website content.

Generative Analytics

Augment analytics tools with generative AI’s capabilities for accurate summarization, logical reasoning, and contextual understanding to gain insights for better business decision-making.

Internal Information Search

Let business users freely search for information from the company's knowledge database and get search results that match the searcher's intent — not just keywords — closely.


Let's innovate at speed and scale
with generative AI.


time reduced for visualizing new packaging


time saved on preparing advertising proposals


cost reduction in optimizing retail channels


saved annually by AI-powered social listening

Case Studies

Secure integration of ChatGPT in daily work improves team efficiency

Client: Global data company

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Generative AI shortens time to create packaging designs by up to 80%

Company: Multinational CPG corporation

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Success Stories
generative AI in the enterprise

Harnessing Azure OpenAI for Generative AI Solutions

generative AI in the enterprise

Results Delivered

Lingaro Group | Services | AI and Machine Learning Lingaro Group | Services | AI and Machine Learning Lingaro Group | Services | AI and Machine Learning Lingaro Group | Services | AI and Machine Learning

Your Competitive Edge

Recognized Expertise

We use proprietary and market-proven AI tools and frameworks — backed by our AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure specialization - to build solutions for global enterprises

Center of AI Excellence

We maintain a dedicated center of excellence that brings together top talent, knowledge, and resources for data science and AI, including machine learning and generative AI

Full Project Life Cycle

We deliver projects at scale — from use case hunting, proof of concept, and minimum viable product to machine learning model productization.

ROI on Generative AI

Our team of AI advisors, data scientists, and AI engineers has the unique synergy of technical skills and business expertise, ensuring that your AI projects deliver value.

Lingaro Group | Services | AI and Machine Learning

Meet Our Experts

Krystian Jabłoński

Krystian Jabłoński
AI Advisor & Researcher

Norbert Fijałek

Norbert Fijałek
AI Engineering Team Leader

Marcin Borucki-1

Marcin Borucki
Delivery Leader

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