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Modern enterprises constantly generate new data on customers, sales, and financials. This data should be used to aid the company’s market growth and to support important daily decisions. It can often be challenging to build the right tools and get the right answers fast.

Lingaro has a proven track record of developing customized Qlik analytics platforms that help users maximize the value of their data to truly guide their business decisions.

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Market Growth Self-Service BI Tool

Lingaro’s Market Growth self-service BI that supports the analysis of growth opportunities, under-invested areas, and lost revenue across different aspects of the business.

Looks really cool, you’ve captured the spirit!!!

IT Manager
Qlik analytics platform

Customer 360 Analysis for Marketers

A lighthouse for marketers giving a 360-degree customer view by bringing together multi-type data.

Overall, the solution is 100% better than what we had. It gives us visual clarity as well as an incredible increase in the frequency of data.

Marketing Manager

Powerful Insights into Regional Sales Performance

Bringing data together for easier and quicker sales performance tracking with visual data analytics.

I can honestly say that it is super helpful – and it looks great!

Manager involved in the project

Samples of our work:

Customer Analysis

Retail Analysis

Sales Overview

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We partner with each client at every step of the analytics journey, from discovery, ideation, and Qlik consultancy through the execution and Quickstart trainings. Using our expert knowledge and experience, we build Qlik applications that connect multiple data sources with optimized data modules and intuitive user interfaces.

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Go global with Qlik in the Azure cloud environment

Lingaro has proven success in building Qlik BI dashboards in the Azure cloud environment. Clients can take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, high performance, and fast implementation. Qlik applications built on Azure are cost-effective and can significantly reduce overall deployment times, especially for global companies rolling out BI solutions across all their subsidiaries.

With cloud-based Qlik solutions, international organizations can speed up multi-region deployment and lower implementation costs at the same time.


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