AI-Driven Supply Chain Resilience

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supply chain resilience
supply chain resilience

Our Capabilities

Inventory Management

Get a clear line of sight into inventory to better identify optimal stock levels, rationalize the profitability of products, discover opportunities for managing nonproductive goods, and mitigate risks from equipment breakdowns.

Demand Forecasting

Employ advanced analytics and techniques like AI and machine learning to analyze trends, seasonality, special events, locations, demand shocks, marketing campaigns, and even weather.

Warehouse Operations Analytics

Identify key processes that can be automated, make capacity improvements, minimize pallet routes, monitor workforce performance, plan workloads, and react faster to disruptions.

Transportation Analytics

Create turnkey solutions that use actionable data to reduce costs, enable dynamic pricing, streamline loading and shipping processes, optimize vehicle fill rates, and get better mileage from suppliers.

Manufacturing Analytics

Capitalize on AI and machine learning as well as data and modern technology to reduce manufacturing costs, improve operational efficiency, and optimize equipment effectiveness. Know more

Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer an option — it's a must-have. Combine data with technology to develop holistic approaches for saving costs while reducing environmental footprint. Know more

Results Delivered

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Your Competitive Edge

Industry Expertise

Our supply chain analytics practice comprises a unique combination of technical know-how and business acumen.

KPI-Driven and Strategic

We focus on relevant and meaningful metrics to track and implement in an integrated, advanced analytics platform.

Comprehensive, Holistic

We know the far-reaching complexities in supply chain's data environments and integrate them into a single insightful reporting stream.

Faster Time to Value

Our Agile approach and minimum-viable-product (MVP) mindset enable businesses to respond to changes as they happen.

Case Studies

Transportation analytics helps CPG company achieve 12% more on-time deliveries

Company: A global consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company

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Advanced analytics provides clarity across warehouse operations

Company: A global organization with multiple regional and local distribution centers

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Case Studies

Featured Insights

Lingaro Group | Services | Supply Chain Analytics Lingaro Group | Services | Supply Chain Analytics

Meet Our Experts


Jacek Warchoł
Director of Supply Chain Analytics Practice


Dr Mateusz Panek
Head of Sustainability
Supply Chain Analytics Practice

Konrad Rosiński

Konrad Rosiński
Solutions Architect
Supply Chain Analytics


Jakub Włudyka
Data Analyst
Supply Chain Analytics

Yassin Ibrahim

Yassin Ibrahim
Head of Manufacturing
and Inventory
Supply Chain Analytics Practice

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