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We help companies adopt Tableau, maximize their value from it, and empower all their teams to make decisions driven by visual analytics.


Certified Tableau Consultants

Lingaro is an official Tableau Partner. Our certified Tableau consultants and developers create interactive and insightful reports with regularly updated data from multiple linked data sources.

With our support, your team will love using Tableau customized reports in their day-to-day work.

Tableau implementation and customization services

We’ve noticed that it’s becoming increasingly complicated for companies to introduce user-friendly data visualization solutions that truly innovate their business. That’s why we help develop these solutions from scratch, starting with an implementation road map.

Our Tableau consultants outline a detailed plan of your Tableau BI dashboards development project. We will carefully consider your business units’ needs to ensure that the solution matches them – and will be easy to adopt.

Take advantage of Tableau consulting services from Lingaro


your return on investment
Realize the full potential of your investment in Tableau and transform your organization with data. Take advantage of our expertise to help you get there.
Get fast
time to value
Achieve all your business objectives quickly by leveraging our years of experience and knowledge of best practices.
your risk
Feel confident knowing your deployment has been set up for success, by relying on our experts to establish best practices and avoid pitfalls.
Make Tableau
your teammates’ go-to tool
Building tool adoption is super important part of the implementation process. We’re on it. We can provide your team with quick start one day training to ensure initial tool adoption.

Hear it right from the source

See how Lingaro’s dashboards implementation and customization
services helped BI pros do their best work.

Market Growth Self-Service BI Tool

Market Growth self-service BI that supports the analysis of growth opportunities, under-invested areas, and lost revenue across different aspects of the business

Really looks cool, you’ve captured the spirit!!!

IT Manager involved in the project

Consumer360 Analysis for Marketers

A lighthouse for the marketers navigating the stormy waters of data of multiple types and qualities with 360-degree Consumer View solution in Power BI.

Overall, consumer360 is 100% much better than what we have now. In terms of giving us visual clarity as well as incredibly increasing the frequency of the data

Marketing Manager

Powerful Insights of Regional Sales Performance

Bringing data together for Easier and quicker sales performance tracking with visual data analytics.

I can honestly say that it is super helpful – and so pretty!

Manager involved in the project

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Customer Survey Analisys

Executive Dashboard

Power BI Objects

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