Coca-Cola Philippines Accelerates Business and Drives Performance With Sales Intelligence Tool

coca cola PH
coca cola PH

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines (CCBPI) manufactures and distributes soft drinks and other consumer beverages in the Philippines. The bottler recognized that it needed to make better use of its data to lower costs and increase efficiency.

Lingaro delivered a data and analytics solution that helped CCBPI overcome its data challenges via a Microsoft Power BI report solution powered by Azure. The sales intelligence tool from Lingaro provides easily accessed actionable insights that enable CCBPI to accelerate its business. The bottler has also realized substantial savings through automating data injection processes and eliminating manual work.


Customer Challenges

CCBPI knew it needed to integrate and automate its data. Users had been generating Power BI reports to show critical measures, but they were based on data derived from Microsoft Excel files that were manually edited and updated. Managing these files for report creation required multiple users to take several intermediate steps that were prone to human error.

When chief information officer (CIO) Winnie Talosig-Rebancos and the rest of the CCBPI leadership team chose to accelerate the company’s digital transformation, automating the report creation process was identified as critical to increasing operational efficiency while maintaining data transparency and consistency.

Partner Solution

After multiple workshops, Lingaro delivered a UX-centric proposal based on dashboard invention frameworks. The deployment of the new, entirely Azure-based sales intelligence tool began by structuring multiple data sources from a variety of CCBPI systems, and then bringing the data together into secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) storage.

Formats and data quality rules were characterized to ensure that data governance was properly supervised. Azure Synapse Analytics was used as a database, and proper data flow and messaging was ensured through a combination of Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks.

Customer Benefits

Through adoption of the tool, CCBPI now has a new set of dashboards that support simpler, faster, and more in-depth analyses of market data. The bottler now has also increased clarity into its operations and real cost savings. Further, the new Azure architecture introduced accurate historical data input management that now enables actionable trend analysis. The new Power BI reports — with over 52 tabs — also bring data to the highest level of sales and marketing decision-making, and the KPIs presented there are precise and consistently in line with global solutions.


I’m delighted to say that this is an excellent example of how the cloud can be leveraged to provide great value to our partners. Thanks to Microsoft Azure our teams can focus on delivering business insights rather than solving technological challenges.

Adam Marczak
Chief Azure Architect, Microsoft MVP, Lingaro


Our partner CCBPI was looking to maximize business performance by introducing a new tool to integrate and analyze Sales & Marketing data in one app. Thanks to our strong working relationship with the company and our proven track record with Microsoft Azure and Power BI, we were perfectly positioned to build the right solution.

Łukasz Drejka
Global Account Director, Lingaro


The tool created is our daily driver, allowing all levels to see performance and opportunities in real time, enabling quality conversations and speedy action. It’s a game changer.

Camille Gaw
Revenue Growth Head, CCBPI

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