Discussing Data and Analytics With Cardinal Health

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Welcome to Lingaro Tech Talks, a series of discussions in which top enterprise data and analytics innovators share their stories and insights. Find out about the newest technologies, toughest challenges, and biggest successes they’re experiencing as they digitally transform their businesses.

In this Tech Talk, Lingaro North America Business Development Manager Patrick Martin talks to Ranjana Young, Cardinal Health VP – Global Head of Enterprise Data & Analytics about how to balance strategic goals with tactical initiatives and how the company uses technology to unlock value by gaining better transparency in the medical segment.

Technical architecture and strategy is such an important component of enabling the right data capabilities for an organization. It’s not just knowing the software, and how to leverage this to build the capabilities, but really keeping up with the new trends and what is the right technology and which software to pick. This becomes a very important capability to learn and keep up with the change and pace that occurs.

Ranjana Young




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