eBusiness Institute Completes Full Integration Into Lingaro Group


An integration that fulfills the group’s vision of becoming the end-to-end data services partner to global brands and enterprises

In December 2021, Lingaro Group, a multinational data and analytics company, acquired the digital commerce advisory and content creation company, eBusiness Institute (eBI). Over the last two years, the two companies have worked together to integrate their service offerings. February 2024 sees the last step in this integration, with eBI being part of the Lingaro Group.

Joining forces, these two powerhouse companies each bring something to the table. As the end-to-end data services partner to global brands and enterprises, Lingaro Group delivers industry-leading capabilities in data and analytics. In turn, eBI provides expertise in e-commerce and digital marketing consulting, content generation through its in-house creative agency, and omnichannel capability-building programs. This integration is a further step in building next-generation, technology-enabled solutions to drive growth for all our clients.


eBI’s current Consulting and Capabilities practices will be integrated under Lingaro’s full offering, also with name changes:

eBI Consulting Practice will become Digital Business Advisory

eBI Capabilities Practice will become Learning Technology & Adoption

In October 2023, we saw eBI’s creative agency officially relaunch as ALCHEMY., now the creative agency of the entire Lingaro Group. ALCHEMY’s best-in-class creative services add another portfolio of offerings, helping clients shine with campaigns, presentations, copywriting, videos and visuals, and more.

Together, we strengthen our continued support to clients, enabling us to become a true data services partner with the best end-to-end solutions encompassing strategy, development, operations, and value realization.

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