How Empowering a Manufacturer With Analytics Won Us an Award

how empowering a manufacturing company
how empowering a manufacturing company

The times of uncertainty and disruption across industries have paved the way for organizations to shift priorities and improve cost management, enterprise agility, and business resiliency.   

Businesses are increasingly exploring ways to scale and lead digital transformation efforts that deliver financial results. Innovation is a major differentiator for organizations across all industries around the world, and more so as we keep up with the new normal. It’s no wonder that 85% of executives are fast-tracking the implementation of technologies that automate, digitalize, and digitize their supply and value chains.


Embracing change to digitally transform

For enterprises with roots that were well established way before the advent of the internet — from manufacturing, consumer-packaged goods, transportation and logistics, and retail to food production — this meant embracing digital transformation to address challenges in today’s increasingly connected world and anticipate what will lie ahead.

For these companies, this meant doing away with outdated processes and legacy systems. To gain competitive advantage, they need to foster a data-sharing culture to break down communication barriers and boost business outcomes and social value. All of these seem to be deviations to their more deep-rooted corporate culture. Beyond technologies, it takes a lot of open-mindedness for their digital transformation efforts to have meaning and impact to their business.

Manufacturing companies, for instance, traditionally rely on data drawn from manually edited sources that were prone to human error, which compromised the integrity of vital information that they need for their business functions and processes. This has been a constant pain point for these companies: readily accessing accurate and complete data to execute localized sales strategies and better serve customers, and more so for companies with associates spread across countries or regions.

At the top level, this inability to access and understand reliable data poses daunting challenges for enterprises to develop strategies, analyze trends, forecast performance and changes in the market, and experiment with new approaches. It’s also important to democratize data and transform themselves into data-driven organizations that can proactively address government-mandated restrictions and data governance regulations.


Building an award-winning sales intelligence tool

Lingaro has been partnering with manufacturing companies to supercharge their sales and marketing dynamics using technological innovations that drive simpler, faster, and smarter business decisions.

One of Lingaro’s pioneering work, of which it won the Philippines Tech Excellence Award, involves providing a empowering manufacturing company with data that is easily accessible, centralized, reliable, and secure. This would empower its executives and people on the field to make faster, smarter, and more data-driven decisions.

With Lingaro’s data and analytics accelerator and framework, led by our architects and specialists adopting Microsoft technologies such as the Azure Analytics cloud platform and Power BI, Lingaro delivered a sales intelligence solution that revolutionized multiple areas across the company’s production, distribution, sales, and customer experience value chain.

The sales intelligence solution enabled data to be accessed on demand through the mobile devices of executives and salespeople on the ground. People are now equipped with demographic information and analysis, data on customer taste and preferences during specific seasons, and other essential information for them to spark the right conversations and negotiate with clients using solid, verifiable data. This feat has brought recognition to Lingaro Philippines, allowing us to clinch the Analytics – Manufacturing category award at the Philippines Technology Excellence Awards 2021.

Through our solutions, the company advanced the business intelligence (BI) and analytics practice in the organization and has brought substantial savings by eliminating manual work and bringing data faster to decision-makers.

With our sales intelligence solution, the company increased the reach of its reports, reduced the resources and effort spent on manually preparing reports, and delivered accurate data faster. Within their global company, it was recognized as the most advanced empowering manufacturing company in terms of its cloud-based business intelligence.

True to our adage, Lingaro is a disruptive innovator that’s committed to helping organizations successfully navigate today’s connected and data-driven world. We are honored to be part of this year’s prestigious Asian Technology Excellence Awards and recognized by our global industry peers.

Of course, this recognition is not possible without the tremendous effort and tireless work of everyone in Lingaro who proactively work together to create innovative solutions that provide meaningful and significant impact to our partners. We also see this distinction as further validation of our position in the industry and a positive reflection of our partners’ trust for Lingaro’s technical and business expertise. More importantly, this recognition is an inspiration for businesses to continue innovating amidst these unpredictable times.

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