Lingaro: A Star Performer in Analytics and AI in PEAK Matrix® Assessment


In recognition of its improved market presence and enhanced service delivery capabilities, Lingaro Group has been recognized as a Star Performer in Everest Group’s 2024 Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment. This report evaluates service providers offering data, analytics and AI services based on factors such as the quality of key solutions, vision for the industry, impact on the market, and the extent to which products and services are adopted across multiple enterprises.

Lingaro was given high marks on overall market impact, with exemplary scores on market adoption, value delivered, and portfolio mix. In terms of vision and capability, Lingaro was distinguished for scope of services, innovation, investments, and delivery footprint.

Lingaro has been recognized for offering high value to enterprises, a testament to their market impact, while offering a wide scope of services to its clients.

In the PEAK Matrix® Assessment, Lingaro has been recognized as a Star Performer, demonstrating top-quartile improvement in their market impact and visibility, as well as capability, over the past year.

Lingaro’s journey, characterized by consistent innovation and strategic collaboration, has steadily propelled the company to a leading position in the industry.

Lingaro on the Everest PEAK Matrix® 2024Source: Everest Group  

Lingaro has also been named a Major Contender, indicating a high level of proficiency and confidence in analytics and AI. This encompasses cloud, data engineering, and custom AI solutions. Lingaro actively invests in areas such as machine learning operations (MLOps) and conversational AI to enhance and scale capabilities.

The PEAK Matrix® Assessment’s framework for assessing providers is based on two key dimensions:

  • Market impact, measured by market adoption by clients, portfolio mix across geographies and engagements, and value delivered based on client feedback.
  • Vision and capability, assessed through vision and strategy for the company and the client, scope of services, innovation and investment in their domain areas, and delivery footprint.

“Enterprises face the multifaceted challenge of preparing their data for AI and generative AI. As the end-to-end data services partner to global brands and enterprises, Lingaro is uniquely positioned to bridge this gap. This recognition from Everest Group is a validation of our continuous efforts to expand our capabilities in creating data-centric AI solutions that solve real-world problems and generate business value for our clients. Our dedication to data excellence has also fostered a culture that draws the most talented professionals from around the world to join our team in empowering our clients and partners to succeed,” said Sam Mantle, CEO of Lingaro Group.

Lingaro has an extensive portfolio of cross-functional solutions across the cloud, AI, and data engineering, backed by its dedicated center of excellence in data science and AI. Lingaro’s expertise has also earned multiple industry certifications, including an AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure specialization. Lingaro brings the synergy of technical expertise and practical business insight to companies across the consumer goods, manufacturing, retail, luxury, and life sciences.

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessments provide insights to enterprises to make informed critical decisions about global service providers and best-in-class solutions. To learn more about the 2024 Analytics and AI Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment, visit Everest Group’s website.

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