Lingaro Co-CEO Sebastian Stygar Shares his Thoughts on our New Swiss Site

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After several weeks of intense preparations, our new office in Zurich is now open. The site launch marks an important step in the company’s strategic growth plans. To find out how, we asked Lingaro Co-CEO Sebastian Stygar, who has relocated from Warsaw to head up our Swiss operations.

Sebastian, why Switzerland?

In the short term, to be closer to the multinational enterprises we serve. We have 17 existing or soon-to-be customers with strategic decision-making centers in Switzerland and Western Europe. Having us “next door” makes it easier for them to communicate with us in whatever way they choose – including face-to-face when safe to do so.  In the long term, this is an ideal location for us to continue growing our network and sharing our value proposition with future customers.

The country is a well-known international business hub. 4% of Swiss companies are multinationals, and they generate about a third of Swiss GDP. Many of them are or will be planning their global digitization strategies from Switzerland and we will be there to help. Switzerland also has a world-class ICT industry that the government actively supports in various ways, including R&D incentive programs. Basically, this is our kind of country and we’re going to fit right in.


What are your immediate priorities as the leader of our new site?

For starters, I will be building our local team. Our people are our biggest asset at each of our sites around the world, and Zurich will not be an exception. Part of this process will be creating a succession plan for myself as site leader. Even so, I will be in this role for at least one year and longer if necessary.

Of course, at the same time I will be strengthening our relationships with our existing customers’ Swiss-based and Western European teams and getting more involved in the business community.


It must have been a big decision to relocate to Switzerland, both professionally and personally. What are your first impressions?

My family made this move with me, so it was actually a huge decision. It was also the right decision. I’m truly excited about how it will help us continue scaling up to better serve our global customers.

We’re still settling in, but everything has been great so far. Switzerland is a beautiful, well organized country. And it’s full of expats like us!

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