Lingaro Sets Up New Office in Singapore

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We are excited to share this update from our new Lingaro office in Singapore. Below you will find an interview with Bhaskar Vetrimani, who is responsible for building our team and strengthening local presence.

Why has Lingaro decided to be present in Singapore? What are the reasons behind choosing this destination?

Lingaro is always focused on the customers’ perspective. As we develop and improve our services, we wanted to be closer. Considering that Asia is one of the fastest growing regions, it is an understandable strategic location for growth. Our presence in Singapore is planned so that we can serve our customers even better. We also see this as an exciting opportunity to engage in new business relationships with companies in the region.

What first market/client challenges are you looking forward to tackle in this region?

The key challenge for our customers will be to get holistic, meaningful, and actionable insights to navigate the current scenario such as optimization, and to plan for the better times by leveraging both customer’s and extended eco-system data.

Tell us about setting up in the new location. What are you most excited about?

It is an exhilarating and exciting challenge to lead Lingaro’s foray in Singapore and to grow business in APAC in the new norm where data will decide, dictate, and direct customer’s decisions. I am constantly learning a lot of things, from solutions to the culture. At the same time, I am also sharing my own learnings. It’s exciting that I can help to ensure we are projecting ourselves in a more enterprising manner.

Bhaskar Vetrimani


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