Overcome Barriers and Realize Value in Data Investments

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Data ROI Part 1
Data ROI Part 1

Our Capabilities

End-to-End Data Management

Our services cover the entire data life cycle and across different operating models, tiers, storages, and architectures.

Data Quality Management

We use a multidimensional approach to standardize quality — from preparing, profiling, cleansing, and mapping to enriching data.

Data Architecture

We provide and recommend the right tools, platforms, and technologies to ensure consistency, interoperability, and data lineage.

Data Stewardship

We adopt collaborative workflows for improving data integrity and defining models for validating and resolving errors in data.

Data Security and Privacy

We help standardize access and infuse controls to critical data assets as well as monitor and align their use with regulatory compliance.

Data Democratization

We help with creating rich catalogs that democratize data for everyone in the organization, enabling them to use the right data in ways they always need.

Results Delivered

Alignment Business Context Reliability

Your Competitive Edge

Center of Excellence

We have a center of excellence that brings together top talent, knowledge, and resources for data science projects.


Our Agile approach in implementing data architectures delivers consistent and automated data management.

ISO/IEC 27001-Certified

Our stringent data management standards apply security and access controls at each level and tier of data sensitivity.


We have over 14 years of experience in analytics, multicloud and hybrid environments, and big data projects.

Case Studies

Global CPG company saves 95% of resources in data quality checks

Company: Global consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company

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Augmented data management helps global FMCG company slash manual work by 90%

Company: Global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company

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Tomasz Rostkowski
Data Science and AI Center of
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Błażej Chodarcewicz

Błażej Chodarcewicz
Head of DS & AI Competency

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